How did you meet your spouse?

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  • pratt1

    met my wife on a blind date.

  • Nellie

    The first time I was introduced to my husband was at an assembly. While I remember being introduced to "someone," I have absolutely no recollection of who I met. A few weeks later he was at a "gathering" and when I walked through the door, he turned to his best friend and said, "See that girl over there? She's the girl I'm going to marry." Of course, his friend thought he had lost his mind . . . but here we are . . . we've been together since that night and married 23 years!

  • Golf

    Good for you Nellie! Golf

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    My husband and I met on the internet. We'll have been together 8 years and married for 6 of them.

    He was living in Sweden then back in Massachusetts and I was in California. We met in person after a few months of emails and hundreds of dollars in phone bills. Spent 3 weeks attatched at the hip, he went home packed and we've been together ever since.

    2 little boys, 2 big dogs, 4 cats, and 10 fish later...


  • Legolas

    I met my husband at a party, I was going out with his friend... (But I only liked the guy as a friend) ...Anyway it was LOVE at first sight (Really I mean that!), I asked him for a beer glass...LMAO ...It took him three tries to get me the right glass (We were drunk, and I think he was just wanting to talk to me longer)

    We went on a few dates and Valintine's Day was coming up.....So on February 12th he said ...'Do you know what I was going to give you on Valintine's Day?'....And I said...'NO! What WERE you going to give me?' and he said ...'My heart...Will you go out with me?' ...He said he couldn't wait another two days!

  • Nellie

    What a sweet talker!

  • Legolas
    What a sweet talker!

    And he still is!

  • Beachbender

    My hubby & I met at a pizza shop we both were working at at the time, this was almost 19 years ago!

  • Jamelle

    I met my husband online - we quickly started talking on the phone - then dating, etc.

    We were married in March of this year - by March of 2006 we'll have been together for over 4 years. Boy - that time has really flown!

  • misanthropic

    I met my husband when he was renting at an apartment building I was managing. I was smitten at first sight, but I had to evict him since he wouldn't stop playing his music too loud which resulted in several complaints from his neighbors. After He moved out I sent him a letter letting him know I wanted him, and the rest is history.

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