What will you do to celebrate Oct 2 2014?

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  • rebel8

    I see that my math was off (or it was a typo), but what I am really wondering is this: What is it inside of you that drove you to be so insulting for absolutely no reason?

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Rebel 8 your right please accept my appology, I did get to carried away.


  • VM44

    2014 is only 3 years from now.

    We have to think of something really good to celebrate!

  • villabolo

    Rebel8: "I have some questions about the date of Oct. 2. How did you arrive at that?"

    I've forgotten the details, but I believe that it's the end of the ancient Hebrew calendar by JW reckoning.

    However, a Jewish source says:

    "Although the Jewish New Year is on the first of the Jewish month Tishrei (around September), the Torah refers to the Jewish months as beginning from Nissan (around March), the month in which the Jewish people left Egypt. So here they are beginning from Nissan..."



  • Gayle

    wow, that sounds great!! Will Bethel as we know it be there in Brooklyn yet? I will bring my pet lion. :)

  • free2beme

    All former Witness should have T Shirts made in 2014 that read ...

    1914 to 2014

    You have a choice,

    live or waste another 100 years of hope.

  • smiddy

    I just hope I`m still alive in 2014


  • wobble

    Ditto Smiddy, I keep dodging that bloke with the black cloak and the scythe !

    Wasn't Oct 2nd supposed to be the night Babylon fell to the Persians ? So the 2520 fictitious years were supposed to run until circa Oct 2nd 1914 ?

    I think we should all march on the Bethel/ Branch office in our country with lots of banners with the best slogans we can think of on Oct 2nd 2014.

  • JustHuman14

    I will buy my self a very expensive Whiskey(50 years old) a dozen of cigars from Cuba, sit in my armchair drink and smoke until I feel dizzy nuts, AND START TELLING NEW PROPHESIES FOR THE WORLD!!!

  • the-illuminator81

    I would be awesome to walk around with a sandwich board saying "Religion is a snare and a racket" and "Millions once living now dead" in front of the HQ.

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