What will you do to celebrate Oct 2 2014?

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  • jwfacts

    Like most people reading this, I was convinced that by 2014 the New System would 'definitely' have been operating for at least a decade. Now that I know this is not going to be the case I am going to have to think of some way to recognise 100 years of WTS let downs and failed predictions.

    There is no point fretting over the past so I think it will be a good time to celebrate. I am planning to "Party like it is 1999" and I imagine by then Prince will probably be ready to join in once more.

    Any ideas on how to celebrate in style?

  • Honesty

    How about a huge Block Party in front of 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, New York beginning on Oct.1, 2014 and lasting through Oct. 8, 2014. You know, something like the Festival of Dedication celebrated by the Jews.

  • luna2

    I think alcoholic beverages and fireworks are in order.

  • jwfacts

    A big block party out side Brooklyn could be good. How about a few hundred exBrothers dressing up in white sheets and standing on Pennsylvania bridge? I'm sure that would get some news coverage and a few people thinking. Wow, 100 years and still people will be thinking the JW-only new system is just about to happen.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I would suggest that the gathering should feature an abundance of TOGAs, and that a symbolic walk to the middle of the Brooklyn bridge pedestrian walkway would be pleasant.

    Of course, October in NYC will likely be a bit on the cool side, so it may be wise to buy yourself a genuine Natas brand gore-tex/polartek survival toga - in "artic white" of course. (that's a joke, friends, but I bet they would catch on)

    It would make a GREAT video byte for the local NYC news media - you can bet they'd be all over it. Visualize a Brooklyn Toga Event! alt

  • rebel8

    I have some questions about the date of Oct. 2. How did you arrive at that? Was there a rumor going around about the specific date? I'm guessing you got the year from adding, 80 + 1914.......but why Oct. 2? AFAIK the WT predictions about autumn being a significant time of year spanned well into November. Is there a JW rumor I didn't hear yet?

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    How about an 8 Day convention?

    Rent the Brooklyn Bridge - that way we could face the Brooklyn HQ [that is to the east isn't it], we could recite many of Russell's truths through the use of sound cars and phono's, pass out tracts that announce that JW's are a 'snare and a racket', and give a speech that shows that 'millions now living will never die'. At sundown on the eighth day we could don white beards and look to heaven while chanting 'Long live the Witnesses'. Mother ship will arrive at midnight in the tail of a comet. If the ship does not arrive on time we could all drink kool-aid and jump off the bridge.

    Good time!


  • jwfacts

    WTS has always placed emphasis on October for a number of prophecies.

    jv p.61 - "The Gentile times have ended; their kings have had their day"! So exclaimed Brother Russell as he entered the dining room at the Brooklyn headquarteres of the Watch Tower Society the morning of Friday, Ocotber 2, 1914.

    Studies in the scriptures volume IV - We have seen that God has a set time for every feature of his plan, and that we are even now in this "Day of Vengeance," which is a period of forty years; that it began in October, 1874, and will end in October, 1914... (p. 546-547, 1897)

    Creation; 1927; 2,175,000 ed.; pp. 293 - “Napoleon began this Egyptian campaign in 1798, finished it, and then returned to

    The Time Is At Hand 1889 1915 ed. p.363 - We are already living in the seventh millennium - since October 1872

    Studies in the Scriptures Volume 4 1897 p.604 says: - "A "generation" might be reckoned as equivalent to a century (practically the present limit) or one hundred and twenty years, Moses’ lifetime and the Scripture limit. (Gen. 6:3.) Reckoning a hundred years from 1780, the date of the first sign, the limit would reach to 1880; and, to our understanding, every item predicted had begun to be fulfilled at that date;—the "harvest" or gathering time beginning October 1874; the organization of the Kingdom and the taking by our Lord of his great power as the King in April 1878, and the time of trouble or "day of wrath" which began October 1874, and will cease about 1915; and the sprouting of the fig tree."

    1911 June 15

    October, 1914, will witness the full end of

  • Spectre

    I'm there. Can I wear a billboard sign? something like "Millions now dead are still dead."

  • stillajwexelder

    We truly definitely need a major Apostafest - and a nice restaurant in Brooklyn or wherever the WTBTS resides then seems very appropriate. New York is a city loved and admired by many around the world so it would seem a great place for a mjor International Apostafest.

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