What 'pranks' did you pull off?

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  • Nate Merit
    Nate Merit

    Hey Almost Atheist

    One night when I was 16 my buds and I uprooted a stop sign at the corner of Linden and Cook roads in Rankin Michigan and replanted it about a half mile away on Linden. There were no cross streets where we planted it. We sat back in a field smoking cigarttes and drinking beer and laughing our asses off at all the numbnuts slamming on their breaks.

    People would regularly fly down Linden Road at over 100 mph. After a few months of chopped down trees and piles of garbage bags in the road they slowed down.


  • Golf

    Brooke, Robdar, Jourles, Buttlight, Darth yhwh good laughs. What's with this shit and farts?

    The following is a custom of what ironworker/steelworkers do when completing a structural building, its' termed 'topping off,' a beam is set in place with a flag on it. Notables and local dignitaries are always at such topping off ceremonies.

    On this particular job in Cambridge Mass. I made a dummie ironworker and tied him in a sitting position next to where this beam was to be set in place. From the street level, this dummie looked real. When the ironworkers finally set the beam in place they took this dummie and throw him off the building. The onlookers especially the women were sceaming thinking is was a real person. They were told that this was a custom among ironworkers. (They were informed later that it was a prank)

    Since my brother and I had left the job early I left a camera with the boys to take pictures. I have in my possession a picture of the dummie in a sitting position and another of him flying in mid-air off the building. It looks so real that when people see this picture today they think it really happened.


  • Golf

    The following is one that my wife pulled on me. Our bed is next to the window. On this particular night I was high as a kite and the door was locked. To get her attention, I climbed on to my overhanging roof and kept knocking on the window. She opened the window and naturally thinking the bed was nearby, I came in head first and instead of landing in bed, I landed on the floor! Boy did she get a kick out of that.


  • Gretchen956

    So many to recount, so little time! Some of your pranks are jogging my memory!!

    As to weddings, when my older brother got married we jacked up the back of his car and put a block under the rear axle and let it back down. The tires were about 1/8" or less off the ground. We also lifted up the back seat and placed some limberger cheese in there for good measure. Sure enough, out they came from the reception, eager to get on the road... roared up the engine looking smug cuz he was finally off to get some, and the car just sat there. Tried it again. Tried it again. The look on the face priceless. Dead giveaway when you're rolling on the grass laughing your ass off.

    The cheese kicked in later. Took them weeks to find out where that smell was coming from.

    In school, I was a hall monitor (yea I know), anyway, I had the master key to the locker or access to it, can't remember now. Anyway, my willing accomplice and I (we're still friends 30 years later) opened the locker to this guy that was forever teasing and tormenting us, cleared the books from the top shelf, laid down a piece of wax paper, and then cracked open an egg and laid it carefully in the center of the wax paper. Closed it up and then hid where we could get a good view of his reaction to our work.

    Bell rings, kids crowd the halls, here he comes, he's in a big hurry, he whips open the locker, still talking to his buddy and without looking, he slaps his hand down directly into the egg. SPLAT!!! Oh the look on his face. We were almost peeing our pants laughing so hard. The nearest teacher took us directly to the office of the Vice Principal who scolded us severely. Later I had that VP as my driver's ed teacher and he laughed about our antics and told us how funny we were in a very mild way. Of course there was one other prank he didn't know I had a part in.

    Our school had this commons area that sat down an incline, flagpole in the center, benches all around for during off class times. This particular VP drove a Volkswagon Beetle to school, a white one, and it was his pride and joy. He came across very stern and he had a grey buzz cut waxed to stand at attention. So I instigated the guys to get together, pick his car up and carry it down into the commons and set it there on display.

    My that was fun. They never found out who did that one.

    Lastly, hey Golf, were there supposed to be pictures in your last two posts? I didn't see anything.


  • Golf

    Gret956, I said, I have the pictures of the 'dummie' thrown of the building. I have a machine but I don't know how to work it.

    I would love to have seen your pranks. Your laughing gives it a dead giveaway. Harmless pranks are OK. My wife still gets a kick of her moving the bed the night I fell on my head. I was drunk so I didn't notice it as much.

    Thanks for sharing your pranks.


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    My biggest prank was in high school. It was the week of the homecoming football game - the cross town rivalry.

    A local produce stand had a huge chicken statue out front - There was a sign about a mile before the stand that said " Why did the chicken cross the road....to get to ________ fruit and produce.

    My boyfriend and a bunch of the other guys on the team and their girlfriends and me stole the chicken. It was a huge 8 foot tall chicken made of some kind of plastic. We cut its legs off with a sawzall because it was concreted to the ground. We stuck it in the back of a horse trailer and put it into the pool at our rival high school. We dumped a whole bunch of purple jello into the pool because it was our school color.

    Our whole class had to come up with $800 to repair the chicken and clean the pool.

    Second biggest prank was against my mother....We went camping every year at this campground that had only one light in the bathrooms and it wasn't over the toilets. My cousin and I put toothpaste all over the toilet seats. My mom went in and brushed her teeth then went to the bathroom and ended up with a minty fresh butt...we could hear her cursing and yelling from our tent. My grandparents heard us laughing and my mother cursing and figured out that we had done something. We had to clean the toilets...but it was worth it!


  • Golf
  • Golf

    WhyG, good one, why didn't you put peanut butter on the seat?


  • existentialist

    totally off-subject,but how come some women don't just simply put the toilet seat back down themselves? Is it that difficult? It boggles the mind...

  • Lilycurly

    Why, I thought it was simple enough...what you put up, you put down! Of course it would be easier to do it ourself then to nag, but it`s a principle thing, you see. Next thing you know we are gonna pick up dirty socks off the ground.

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