What 'pranks' did you pull off?

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  • Golf

    Since Nate Merit has already enumerated some of his pranks, how about sharing YOUR pranks/mischief? This forum could do with some laughter.

    In my school days (50's) my buddy and I were always into mischief (witness or not.) For pulling off a prank we were ordered to spend our punishment time in the cloak room (it had windows) needing to (p) I p'd in a girls booth. Needless to say what happened. The girl after said, Dan, I know you did it.

    We had one student doing a #2 on the steps leading to the basement where the principal would once a day checked on the furnace. Needless to say what happened, let your imagination take over.

    OK folks, your turn.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I would pass silent and totally odorless farts.

  • Golf

    Nathan did you watch their facial expressions? I'm sitting here laughing.


  • AlmostAtheist

    >> I would pass silent and totally odorless farts.

    So THAT's what I've been not smelling!

    When I was 14, My buddies and I would go out at night and put a traffic cone painted black in the middle of this long, straight country road, then watch cars screech to a halt in front of it. We called it "pylon fun". It WAS fun, but I look back and wonder how no one ever managed to get hurt! Fortunately, no one ever did. (Unless you count the heart attacks that the poor drivers died from hours later...)

    Such bad kids we were... and no, I wasn't a JW then.


  • Golf

    Thanks for the laugh Almostatheist. Yeah, it's amaazing how lots of people don't get seriously injured when pulling off these pranks.


  • Finally-Free
    I would pass silent and totally odorless farts.

    Mine were only silent.


  • Gretchen956

    This is my favorite one: Fill the inside of the door pull on an automobile with peanut butter. (The person rushing out to get into their car does NOT think peanut butter is what they have put their fingers into!) Hide somewhere and watch, its sure to be a rolling on the floor laughing experience.



  • Lilycurly

    There's this mean one that I had heard somewhere but never dared to try:

    Put a big piece of saran-wrap on the toilet bowl...you know, just under the seat that guys never put down. I leave the results to your imagination. My sister and I always made up the craziest scenarios where someone would run in and have the worst case of explosive diarrhea on that prank.

    There is also that one to do in a public bathroom (again with peanut butter) You just put a big slop of peanut butter on a piece of toilet paper, wait till someone gets in the stall next to you and drop the thing with a big Oops! Make sure it lends near (even better ON) the feet of the person and enjoy.lol

    PS. Sorry to those who are currently eating.

  • Golf

    Lilycurly & G956, thanks for the laugh. Yeah, I'll have to keep them in mind. Good ones.


  • Cori


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