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  • mindfield

    Nice Gozz!!! Man, i lost count of how many times they shot themselves in the foot.

    Too bad JW's are not counting.

    And do you remember that watchtower article which said we were to have a complete trust in the discreet slave? I couldn't help but grin at that statement!!!

  • Gozz

    Last time the CO was in our congregation, he gave new light in the interpretation of "Love believes all things". His explanation went something like this: We know the bible is inspired by God, and that the faithful and discreet slave has been entrusted with feeding God's people at this time of the end, so, we will not waver in our trust of the faithful brothers working hard to provide food at the proper time under the guidance of Jehovah's spirit; we will not doubt the quality of the food... bla bla bla...The way he said it, one felt he needed to say it to several congregations to believe it himself

  • TweetieBird

    >>"Years later, unbe-known to the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the United Nations published “Criteria for As-sociation”, stipulating that affiliated NGO’s are required to support the goals of the United Nations.
    After learning of the situation, our membership as NGO was withdrawn and the ID card of the writer was returned."

    Do they really expect the R&F to believe this?

    "By doubting we come at truth" -Cicero

  • Seeker


    That quote from the Theocratic School Guidebook is, hands down, the single most hypocritical statement in the whole of Watchtower history. Usually their hypocrisy is crouched within a sentence fragment, surrounded by accuracy. But this quote is hypocrisy from beginning to end! They haven't followed this paragraph whatsoever.

  • siegswife

    The proof that this is a lie is in their literature. How are they going to deny the obvious softening of attitute, and even outright promotion, of the UN and its agencies that has been taking place for the past several years in Awake? I think they understood perfectly what they were expected to do.

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone, -part One -

    (to allow more readers..)

    First of all thanks for the interest, the comments and the
    contribution already given to this thread.

    I have a request for Simon, if is technically possible:

    - Giving a more " appropriate title/name " to this
    thread i.e.

    " WTBS status as NGO : the FACTS!"

    This thread would contain all the actual posts under

    " Major UN/WTS News- We have a letter "

    plus all the correspondence, e-mail , news article
    and all the other informations provided by Hawks,
    Map, Kent, Trilobite and many others , which
    will allow readers to get a better understanding
    of the past and recent dealings of the WTBS.

    Facts, which in great part have been hidden to the
    brothers and sisters worldwide, and also to all those
    who were entitled to know .

    You collaboration, has been and will be greatly
    appreciated, even the fact to read ONLY and so be
    informed of the FACTS.
    Of course your comments and even contributions
    with additional informations and web links, will be
    always WELCOME. As someone already commented:
    " …these informations should be given the priorities
    and should receive the widest publicity …"

    Now to the specific comments about pages 13 - 15:

    * Gilles letter it is really a " precious gem " for all those,
    who love TRUTH and try their best to EXPOSE LIES!

    As it has been suggestesuggested we should remind
    "brother " Gilles of this interesting WTBS quote:

    "Jehovah's Witnesses are an organization of truth.

    We should want to speak the truth and be absolutely accurate in every detail at all times.

    This should be so not only as regards doctrine but also in our quotations, what we say about others or how we represent them, also in matters involving scientific data or news events."

    - Theocratic Ministry School Guidebook,

    'Accuracy of Statement' page 110, paragraph 9,

    Maybe, it would help him …the next time!

    *Stephen Bates (Guardian's writer) did another piece
    of superb work, in refuting Gilles letter.
    Its logic and thought provoking questions , addressed to
    Gilles, with whom he " ..spoke several days before the article .."
    surely must have left Gilles ..without breath!
    And another phrase worthy of the best WTBS strategy:
    "…there are no factual inaccuracies in my report.."!
    Well what a mild, logical and truthful answer from Stephen
    Bates!! Excellent news for all lovers of TRUTH.
    Thank you very much indeed, to Mr. Bates for the way that
    he reported - impartially - the FACTS.

    And I'm sure that many of you, loved the little touch at the
    end of the letter : "…I'm only bird seed in your demonology!"

    That, allow me to write it, it is truly British wit…at his best.

    Prisca: - thanks for the reminder: "..the guys there don't
    Realize Mr Bates doesn't have to "wait on Jehovah " to get
    the answers'!

    Now for other comments:

    From Ranchette: "..I hope that when the UN sees that WT has made a public statement full of lies about their membership with them that the UN will cough up the original copies of the application and expose them for the liars they are!!"

    I'm also hoping in that….and we are not alone!!!

    And : " …They are being hit from alot of different angles and they are reacting instead of making good decisions."

    Maybe this observation, is more accurate than we might think…

    From Wannahelp: " .. Just because the WT lied is not a bad thing... In fact, the lies will be easy to expose, because they are such blatant lies..."

    True, and…EXPOSED THEY WILL BE !!!

    And also :"… Paul Gilles letter openly admits that they were an NGO... !!!!"

    Now that's GREAT! But weren't we told that it was ALL " an invention",
    An "evil scheme " from those …APOSTATES???

    Plus you gave another reminder to "brother " Gillies i.e.

    "…The Watchtower, 12/15/92, page 22, in an article

    titled: "Why Is It So Easy to Lie?"

    Now consider this definition of the word "lie":

    'A lie is defined as "1. a false statement or action, especially one made with intent to deceive . . .

    2. anything that gives or is meant to give a false impression." The intention is to cause others to believe something that the liar knows is not the truth."

    Great point! Please don't worry, Mr. Stephen Bates will receive all
    This material…I'm sure he'll appreciate it.

    To Messenger: your quote: " *** it-1 726 Enemy ***

    On the other hand, there are many who become God’s hard-set enemies, including Satan and the wicked demons, who gather the nations in opposition to God (Re 16:13-16);

    the apostate “man of lawlessness,” who sets himself in opposition to God (2Th 2:3, 4);

    “Babylon the Great,” whose “sins have massed together clear up to heaven” (Re 17:5; 18:5);

    “the wild beast” out of the sea, which gets its power and authority from Satan the dragon (Re 13:1, 2, 6);

    the two-horned “wild beast,” which promotes worship of that sea “beast” (Re 13:11, 12);

    the “scarlet-colored wild beast” that is “full of blasphemous names” (Re 17:3);

    and those who persist in supporting them
    (Re 19:17-21). These God will destroy.—De 32:41; Isa 59:18; Re 20:10."

    This is really a " TRUE GEM " Thanks, thanks, I do really appreciate it!

    From Osarsif : " . The spokesman of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Portugal says:
    "The registry as NGO was made only to be able to give humanitarian help and defend the human rights in several countries of the world [...] like Angola, …"

    And you have compared with :

    " The spokesman of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Britain says:

    "one of our legal corporations registered with the United Nations as a NGO (non-governmental organization) for the sole purpose of getting access to the extensive library of the United Nations."

    Your comment NEEDS NOTHING ELSE . Great!

    Thanks and greetings to you all, J.C. MacHislopp

    " One who has an accurate knowledge
    of God's Word will have no problem
    in refuting false religious ideas".

  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,
    -part TWO -

    I do have more comments concerning
    the many answers received :

    From Map :

    ".. I don't have the Mags, but looking at "It is Impossible For God To Lie", there is a small one on page 363. Could someone scan, convert, and post this?"

    If by the time I'll post these comments you haven't received it, I'll
    do my best to send it to you.

    Also thanks for another point :

    "…Mr. WTS Spokesman also misused (to the WTS's advantage) the label "registration" in his opening paragraph. I've previously seen other loyal JWs characterize the WTS's "association" as a mere "registration", so I get the feeling that they are intentionally spreading the misuse of the word.

    However, as you caught it, the idiot then later uses "membership", which is the last "characterization" Brooklyn would want him to use. "

    It looks like …there 'll be HEAVY, DARK CLOUDS in "brother" Gilles sky!

    A very interesting information about - Annan Calls for NGO-UN Partnership -

    It explains very clear the role of the NGO' as seen by the United Nations and uses many
    times the term :" P A R T N E R S H I P " and also mentions that " NGO can complement
    the work of the United Nations".

    And what about the mention of : " …church leaders were instrumental in
    the drafting and later the promotion of the UDHR ".

    Sice when, even for the MOST NOBLE CAUSE the WTBS has advocated - collaboration,
    Partnership , association etc. with the members of BABYLON THE GREAT or with the
    " image of the red-scarlet wild beast "???

    GREAT, GREAT piece of information indeed!

    From LoneWolf: Thanks for sharing with us the press release edited by D avid Brown.
    I'll modify it and send again to many different people and newspaper and keep you informed
    By means of the main thread " UN, NGO'S and the WTBS ". I hope that the media will
    Get many messages.

    From Pathofthorns: " …Everything these days, including access to a public library card requires a signature on some sort of application. A signature is probably the single most basic thing required on any application form."

    Yet, this simple fact, seems to escape the attention of " brother " Gilles!!!
    Really taking people ..for a ride. Thanks also for the points about receiving answers:
    Two categories: the - powerful MEDIA's that can receive IMMEDIATE answers,
    And the worldwide brotherhood that faithfully waits on Jehovah.
    He will, in HIS own appointed time, provide all the answers.

    From Anewperson : Thanks for all the comments about the WTBS devious statements
    t the Nations, to the Media etc. I'm quite sure that more on those lines will be
    pblished by the newspapers worldwide.

    To Hawk:thanks for your accurate and specific analysis of
    Gilles letter, refuting the major points :

    ***The legal Corporation, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York applied in 1991 but WAS NOT registered (proper word "accredited") until 1992 by the Department of public Information.

    ***Gilles is also wrong that the UN registered the WTS as a NGO. The Watchtower was already an NGO. What the DPI did was "accredit the WTS in 1992 and gave the WTS, as a NGO, an "associate" status with the UN's DPI.

    ***It may have give the writer a library card but they forgot that they must support the UN Charter and the WTS must provide a route (through their magazines) to help promote the UN. They also had to provide 4 references and go through a lot of loops.

    ***Just look at the 1992 press releases at the time the WTS joined. The DPI makes it clear that NGOs need to SUPPORT the UN charter.

    ***If there was no signature on any of the forms, prove it - lets see the forms.

    ***The criteria has alway been there and they would have seen it up front or during any of their annual form submissions.

    - Too bad the criteria was already laid out in 1968 with ECOSOC Resolutions 1267 and 1268.
    …..the 1992 and more recent UN DPI Press Releases shown in this thread clearly point out the required criteria.

    …they had to complete an annual form to keep their creditation that would clearly have provided the criteria.

    …the rules were changed by ECOSOC in 1996 updating the old resolutions 1267 and 1268 and thus, NGOs were notified of this.

    …there is a brouchure produced every year showing NGOs and what they have to do.

    ***Gilles also misses the point that an annual accreditation form must be filled out every year by the NGO and they must annually submit their works showing how they got the UN's message out to its followers or they lose accredation.

    ***Why would Ms. Isolda quote me L. Barry's name (former GB member) along with Ciro's name.

    As for the inaccuracies you wrote:

    " …What Gilles should have said was that in 1991 the WTS of NY, as a NGO, Voluntarily applied to become "associated" with the UN (DPI) and in 1992 (not 1991) were "accredited" by DPI and obtained official "associate" status."

    Gilles forgot the words of James 1:19 " Every man should be swift to hear, SLOW to speak, slow to anger"

    And :

    "…Notice Gilles letter talks about the purpose of getting the "association" but he doesn't explain what they had to do to get the "association" (ie, the criteria).

    So in few words, " brother " Gilles made really …bad !!!

    Another point that you highlighted :

    " …The UN "disassociated" the WTS after the WTS requested termination!!!"

    It is an important FACT to keep in mind.

    In mho you also DESTROYED completely "brother" Gilles
    statement :

    "…Then I look at the Gilles letter where he says the UN made the Criteria up years later. "

    and you gave, AGAIN , the proofs of his inaccuracy …sorry …LIES by giving these

    ***In covering criteria I am giving you the internet sites to the 2 resolutions passed by the United Nations Economic and Social Council in 1968 (Resolutions 1297 and 1296). The ECOSOC resolutions 1297 and 1296 of 1968 authorized formal NGO association with DPI.

    The URL link is as follows:


    Resolution 1297 indicated NGOs who want to associate with DPI must meet "the letter and spirit of Council resolution 1296 governing consultative status".

    Now look at Principles 2 and 3 in Resolution 1296. Below I have stated them in full:

    "2. The aims and purposes of the organization shall be in conformity with the spirit, purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations."
    "3. The organization shall undertake to support the work of the United Nations and to promote knowledge of its principles and activities, in accordance with its own aims and purposes and the nature and scope of its competence and activities. "

    and for all those who still didn't GRASP the MAIN POINT , you repeated - not this means
    everlasting… - but :

    ***"….This means that the Watchtower had to VOLUNTARILY AGREE to "obey" the spirit, purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations or the scarlet colored wild beast."

    Thanks and greetings to you all, J.C. MacHislopp

    P.S. I'll be posting these information on the main
    thread i.e. " U.N., NGO's and the WTBS "
    The many posts are really to good to be
    missed. Thanks again.

    " One who has an accurate knowledge
    of God's Word will have no problem
    in refuting false religious ideas".

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  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone, concerning the main thread :


    these few lines to inform

    all readers and all those who post on this thread,

    that as from today, we are all invited to use the

    other thread i.e.


    to post anything related to the United Nations, and NGO

    and the WTBS.

    It will make easier to follow the latest news

    and informations on this important subject.

    We can still use this thread , as Archive’ reference .

    Thanks for your kind cooperation in this matter.

    Greetings, J.C. MacHislopp

    " One who has an accurate knowledge
    of God's Word will have no problem
    in refuting false religious ideas".

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    Bttt. I can't believe this thread fell this low!! I thought we were going for the record people!!

    Slipnslidemaster:"The average person thinks he isn't."
    - Father Larry Lorenzoni

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