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  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    I'm pleased to hear your comments and the various ways suggested to give more publicity to these kind of informations
    about the WTS actions.

    Moxy and Madpostate have made a truly interesting suggestion.

    Zev, if you wish , you can start, while I'm making more researches

    on the Helsinki Committee.

    Stephanus: a very good link, related to this kind of attitude.

    The end of the article at http://www.newaus.com.au/us273_paragon.html:

    " Bottom line? It's about the money. Not free speech. Not Boise Cascade. Not dirty tricks.

    As President John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said, “Where there’s smoke, there’s usually a smoke-making machine.”

    Greetings to you all, J.C.MacHislopp

  • Tina

    Thank you Mac,Kent and all for what I consider very important info. I'm printing out this entire thread! Good work! Tina

    Carl Sagan on balancing openness to new ideas with skeptical scrutiny..."if you are open to the point of gullibility and have not an ounce of skeptical sense-you cannot distinguish useful ideas from worthless ones."

  • zev

    tonight after work, i'll compose and send the letter off.
    i will post any information i recieve here.

    should be interesting.

    -August 8th, 2001 - The day the lambs ROARED

  • Moxy

    zev: would you be so kind as to reproduce the letter here as well?

  • zev


    -August 8th, 2001 - The day the lambs ROARED

  • zev

    I sent the letter off to the un today.
    here is what i sent. i'm afraid i copyed most information that jcm/kent supplied, but i think it will be most effective. thoughts?

    Something has come to my attention while browsing your website.
    It has raised some questions I was hoping you could answer for me.

    while reading through your brochure here http://www.un.org/MoreInfo/ngolink/brochure.htm I notice a paragraph stating that:


    >"What are the Criteria for NGOs to become associated with DPI?"
    >Organizations eligible for association with DPI are those which:
    >1.Share the ideals of the UN Charter;
    >2.Operate solely on a not-for-profit basis;
    >3.Have a demonstrated interest in United Nations issues and proven ability to reach large or specialized audiences, such as educators, media representatives, >policy makers and the business community;
    >4.Have the commitment and means to conduct effective information programmes about UN activities by publishing newsletters, bulletins, and pamphlets; >organizing conferences, seminars and round tables; and enlisting the cooperation of the media.

    This raised some questions for me when I also discovered on your site the name of an organization, whom I did not expect to find.
    From this link: http://www.un.org/MoreInfo/ngolink/ngodir/NGODirAlph/alphabet.htm

    I noticed this organization : WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF NEW YORK
    and clicking the link there gave me these results:
    >OrgName OrgAssociation Address1 Address2 City1 City2 StateProvince PostalCode CountryName Telephone Fax EmailInternet WebAddress RegionName >Subject
    >WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY OF NEW YORK DPI 25 Columbia Heights - Brooklyn - NY 11201-2483 UNITED STATES 718 560 >5000 718 560 8030 - - NORTHERN AMERICA & CARIBBEAN HUMAN RIGHTS

    I am a little concerned. What exactly is the role of this organization to the United Nations?
    Why am I concerned? Refer above to the paragraph I pasted and copied from you brochure.

    Now please, indulge me a little while I quote directly from the WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY publications concerning the things they say about your organization.


    *** re 241-2 33 Judging the Infamous Harlot ***(published in 1988)

    17 In what way is this symbolic wild beast full of blasphemous names?

    In that men have set up this multinational idol as a substitute for God’s Kingdom—to accomplish what God says his Kingdom alone can accomplish. (Daniel 2:44; Matthew 12:18, 21)

    What is remarkable about John’s vision, though, is that Babylon the Great is riding the scarlet-colored wild beast. True to the prophecy, Babylonish religion, particularly in Christendom, has linked itself with the League of Nations and its successor. "

    *** re 243 33 Judging the Infamous Harlot *** (published in 1988)

    21 What of the League’s successor, the United Nations?

    From its inception, this body has also had the great harlot riding on its back, visibly associated with it and trying to guide its destiny. For example, on its 20th anniversary, in June 1965, representatives of the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church, together with Protestants, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and Muslims—said to represent two thousand million of earth’s population—assembled in San Francisco to celebrate their support and admiration of the UN. On visiting the UN in October 1965, Pope Paul VI described it as “that greatest of all international organizations” and added: “The peoples of the earth turn to the United Nations as the last hope of concord and peace.”

    Another papal visitor, Pope John Paul II, addressing the UN in October 1979, said: “I hope the United Nations will ever remain the supreme forum of peace and justice.” Significantly, the pope made no mention of Jesus Christ or of God’s Kingdom in his speech. During his visit to the United States in September 1987, as reported by The New York Times, “John Paul spoke at length about the positive role of the United Nations in promoting . . . ‘new worldwide solidarity.’”

    *** re 248 34 An Awesome Mystery Solved ***(published in 1988)

    Ascending out of the Abyss

    6 The scarlet-colored wild beast did indeed climb out of the abyss. On June 26, 1945, with noisy fanfare in San Francisco, U.S.A., 50 nations voted to accept the Charter of the United Nations organization.
    This body was “to maintain international peace and security.” There were many similarities between the League and the UN. The World Book Encyclopedia notes: “In some ways, the UN resembles the League of Nations, which was organized after World War I . . . Many of the nations that founded the UN had also founded the League. Like the League, the UN was established to help keep peace between nations. The main organs of the UN are much like those of the League.” The UN, then, is actually a revival of the scarlet-colored wild beast. Its membership of over 150 nations far exceeds that of the League’s 63; it has also taken on broader responsibilities than its predecessor."

    *** re 248 34 An Awesome Mystery Solved ***(published in 1988)

    8 The UN does not have the answers. And why? Because the Giver of life to all mankind is not the UN’s life-giver.

    Its life span will be short, for according to God’s decree, “it is to go off into destruction.”

    The UN’s founders and admirers do not have their names recorded in God’s scroll of life.

    How could sinful, mortal men, many of whom mock God’s name, achieve through the UN what Jehovah God has declared he is about to accomplish, not by human means, but through the Kingdom of his Christ?—Daniel 7:27; Revelation 11:15.

    9 The UN is actually a blasphemous counterfeit of God’s Messianic Kingdom by his Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ—to whose princely rule there will be no end. (Isaiah 9:6, 7)

    *** re 249 34 An Awesome Mystery Solved ***

    Obviously, God’s scroll of life will never contain the names of die-hard adherents of Babylon the Great or of any who continued to worship the wild beast.—Exodus 32:33; Psalm 86:8-10; John 17:3; Revelation 16:2; 17:5."

    *** re 249 34 An Awesome Mystery Solved ***

    Peace and Security—A Vain Hope

    10 In an effort to bolster the hopes of mankind, the United Nations proclaimed 1986 to be an “International Year of Peace,” with the theme “To Safeguard Peace and the Future of Humanity.” Warring nations were called upon to lay down their weapons, at least for one year. What was their response? According to a report by the International Peace Research Institute, more than five million soldiers were killed in combat during 1986 alone! Though some special coins and commemorative stamps were issued, most of the nations did little about pursuing the ideal of peace in that year.

    Nevertheless, the world’s religions—always anxious for a fine rapport with the UN—set about publicizing the year in various ways.

    On January 1, 1986, Pope John Paul II praised the work of the UN and dedicated the new year to peace. And on October 27, he assembled the leaders of many of the world’s religions at Assisi, Italy, to pray for peace."

    *** re 250 34 An Awesome Mystery Solved ***

    13 Further, it is deeply significant that the world’s religious leaders should join hands with the United Nations in calling for peace at this time. They would like to influence the UN to their own advantage, especially in this modern age when so many of their people are abandoning religion."

    *** w90 3/15 8-9 Sign of the Last Days

    Another part of the sign that Jesus gives is the appearance of “the disgusting thing that causes desolation.” In 66 C.E. this disgusting thing appeared in the form of the “encamped armies” of Rome that surrounded Jerusalem and undermined the temple wall.

    “The disgusting thing” stood where it ought not.

    In the major fulfillment of the sign, the disgusting thing is the League of Nations and its successor, the United Nations.

    This world peace organization is viewed by Christendom as a substitute for God’s Kingdom. How disgusting!

    In time, therefore, the political powers associated with the UN will turn on Christendom (antitypical Jerusalem) and will desolate her."

    Just in case you had doubts about the word "DISGUSTING " see the " Insight .."

    *** it-1 634 Disgusting Thing, also Loathsome Thing ***

    The Hebrew nouns she'qets (loathsome thing) and shiq·quts' (disgusting thing) come from the root sha·qats', used in the sense of “loathe” (Le 11:11, 13) and, in the causative form, ‘make loathsome.’ (Le 11:43; 20:25) These Hebrew terms refer to that which is repugnant from the standpoint of Jehovah’s true worship. They are commonly rendered by such words as “abominate,” “abominable,” or “abomination” in many translations. This has resulted in the well-known expression “abomination of desolation.” (Da 11:31; 12:11, KJ) The Gospel writers Matthew and Mark used the Greek bde'lyg·ma to translate the Hebrew shiq·quts' (plural, shiq·qu·tsim'). (Da 9:27; Mt 24:15; Mr 13:14) This Greek term basically implies that which causes disgust.—See DETESTABLE THING."

    *** w96 6/1 17 Flight to Safety Before the "Great Tribulation" ***

    Modern-Day “Disgusting Thing”

    11 Note that, in addition to what we have seen at Daniel 9:27, there are, at Daniel 11:31 and ….her references to “the disgusting thing that is causing desolation.” In neither of these latter instances is the destruction of Jerusalem being discussed. In fact, what is said at Daniel 12:11 appears just two verses after a reference to “the time of the end.” (Daniel 12:9) We have been living in such a time period since 1914. So we need to be alert to identify the modern-day “disgusting thing that is causing desolation” and then to be sure that we get out of the danger zone.

    12 What is that modern-day “disgusting thing”? The evidence points to the League of Nations, which went into operation in 1920, shortly after the world entered its time of the end. But how could that be a “disgusting thing that causes desolation”?

    13 Remember, the Hebrew word for “disgusting thing” is used in the Bible principally with reference to idols and idolatrous practices. Was the League idolized? Indeed it was! The clergy put it “in a holy place,” and their followers proceeded to give it passionate devotion. The Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America declared that the League would be “the political expression of the Kingdom of God on earth.” The U.S. Senate received an avalanche of mail from religious groups urging it to ratify the Covenant of the League of Nations. The general body of Baptists, Congregationalists, and Presbyterians in Britain lauded it as “the only available instrument for attaining [peace on earth].”—See Revelation 13:14, 15.

    14 The Messianic Kingdom of God had been established in the heavens in 1914, but the nations proceeded to fight for their own sovereignty. (Psalm 2:1-6) When the League of Nations was proposed, the nations that had just fought in the first world war, as well as the clergy who had blessed their troops, had already demonstrated that they had forsaken the law of God. They were not looking to Christ as King. Thus they assigned to a human organization the role of the Kingdom of God; they put the League of Nations “in a holy place,” a place where it did not belong.

    15 As a successor to the League, the United Nations came into being on October 24, 1945. Later, the popes of Rome hailed the United Nations as “the ultimate hope for harmony and peace” and “the supreme forum of peace and justice.” Yes, the League of Nations, along with its successor, the United Nations, truly became an idol, a “disgusting thing” in the sight of God and of his people."

    *** w96 6/1 18 Flight to Safety Before the "Great Tribulation" ***

    19 It is noteworthy that since the United Nations began operations in 1945, atheistic, antireligion elements have been prominent in its membership. At various times all over the world, such radical elements have been instrumental in having religious practices either severely restricted or completely banned. In the past few years, however, there has been a letup in many places in government pressure on religious groups. To some people it may seem that any danger to religion is gone.

    *** w99 5/1 15 "Let the Reader Use Discernment" ***

    8 Demonstrating the confidence of Jehovah’s servants that this prophecy would be fulfilled, The Watchtower of January 1, 1921, focused on it in connection with developments in the Middle East. Subsequently, in its December 15, 1929, issue, on page 374, The Watchtower definitively said: “The whole tendency of the League of Nations is to turn the people away from God and from Christ, and it is therefore a desolating thing, the product of Satan, and an abomination in the sight of God.”

    So in 1919 “the disgusting thing” appeared.

    In time, the League gave way to the United Nations.
    Jehovah’s Witnesses have long exposed these human peace organizations as disgusting in God’s sight."

    *** w99 5/1 17 "Let the Reader Use Discernment" ***

    This beast is supported by world rulers. Details supplied in the prophecy help us to identify this symbolic beast as a peace organization that came into existence in 1919 as the League of Nations (a “disgusting thing”) and that is now the United Nations. "

    "End Quote"

    How is it possible to reconcile the WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY position as an NGO with the
    United Nations Organisation and these printed statements, from the
    WATCHTOWER BIBLE AND TRACT SOCIETY concerning the U.N.Organization???

    If you could find it possible to help me understand this, I would be most appreciative.

    Thank You very much.
    A Citizen of the United States of America

    I also realized my real name slipped in here.
    Must be my hair colour
    All fixed now though.

    -August 8th, 2001 - The day the lambs ROARED

  • MacHislopp

    Hello Zev,

    my compliments for your work! I do like the way

    you've linked the quotes with the rest.

    It is excellent that such questions are asked at the

    U.N. offices. We'll wait for a possible answer.

    Meanwhile let's continue to give to this fact -

    UNKNOWN TO 99% of all the J.W.'s - the widest and

    greatest publicity as possible as Kent is already

    doing on his site!

    Btw,the Definition of an “O.N.G.”

    in many European countries is:

    - Non –governmental organisation for development,
    of various size working in the cooperation program
    and defined by two major elements:

    · solidariety and non profit organisation;

    · absence of institutional ties concerning

    governments and their political goals."

    Greetings, J.C.MacHislopp

  • dungbeetle

    What a nite for surprises...this is one interesting thread. I don't suppose the UN has a website? Email?

    I am in a kind of quandary..

    1) thinking of any good the WTBS could possibly do for their people in thrid world countries...

    2) thinking of all the men,women,and children who may die from refusal of medical care, refusal of altrnative service, anything else these people might die of depending on what the WTBS may order them to do THIS WEEK depending on which LIGHT they are following THIS WEEK.

    This is a 'marriage' that might be worth protesting..it may save lives. What to do....

    dungbeetle...cleaning up the crap.

  • anewperson

    All true. The WTBTS as an NGO component Ais in bed with the UN. In Africa the UN and WTBTS collaborate even more openly as in Mozambique's refugee camps which has saved the WTBTS much money. That's why a few years back AWAKE gave such a nice write-up article for Kofianan and other UN staff. Don't you remember! Right after Jah Christians pointed it out they put out a couple article jabbering that they still oppose the UN, just enough to cover themselves... so they prayed. Yes, she wants to be a "real" kingdom in and of this world. After all, the spiritual kingdom really did come in 1914 plus 70-80 (chuckle). No, the reality is Big Mama sold out and now reaps the whirlwind. Some new light, eh!

  • UK Rector
    UK Rector

    : Right after Jah Christians pointed it out they put out a couple article jabbering that they still oppose the UN, just enough to cover themselves... so they prayed.

    What? They responded to who?????? They prayed?

    UK Rector

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