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    I just wanted to say thank you again to all of you who are working so hard. I get home from work exhausted but can't wait to get on this thread. Mac, I really like your encouraging style. Hawk - yours too. Messenger, thanks for your hard work. MadA and if I missed anyone sorry.

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    Finally found it...YMCA

    WT 1/1/79
    In joining the YMCA as a member a person accepts or endorses the general objectives and principles of the organization. He is not simply paying for something he receives, such as when buying things being sold to the public at a store. (Compare 1 Corinthians 8:10; 10:25.) Nor is his membership merely an entry pass, as when a person buys a theater ticket. Membership means that one has become an integral part of this organization founded with definite religious objectives, including the promotion of interfaith. Hence, for one of Jehovah’s Witnesses to become a member of such a so-called “Christian” association would amount to apostasy.
    Some individuals have on occasion not become members but have paid a onetime admission fee, viewing this as simply paying for a commercial service available. Even in this regard it is wise to consider whether this course will adversely affect the consciences of others.—1 Cor. 8:11-13.

    And now for the UN:

    WT 3/1/50
    7 Not only do men join together to give praise to individuals, but nations have joined together in setting up a great idol to which they give honor and glory. A United Nations organization, with a world capital, is set forth as the only remedy for the fearsome troubles that now beset the peoples and nations. The proverb advises mere man: “Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth”; but global architects heedlessly boast of a “better world of tomorrow” through the efforts of the U.N. They predict it will achieve great things for suffering humanity, and they call upon the people to trust in it and support it. Religious clergy lend their moral support and look upon it as God’s way of ushering in peace. The U.N. has become a graven image that stands for man’s power and achievement and it is hailed as the world’s salvation. But it can never stand alongside of Jehovah God. In the coming settlement of the controversy as to who is worthy of praise, God will not let the glory due him go to any such image. Says he: “I am Jehovah, that is my name; and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise unto graven images.”—Isa. 42:8, Am. Stan. Ver.

    And one more time the point...WT!!!
    "Even in this regard it is wise to consider whether this course will adversely affect the consciences of others.—1 Cor. 8:11-13."

    Dungbeetle...so much dung, so little time...

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    This is an automatic translation of this page:


    WEDNESDAY, January 14, 1998
    Help of Watchtower of Zambia in Congo

    "Which it is amusing to note that the association of the Witnesses of Jéhovah of Zambia (ZAJW) sent voluntary volunteers and workers in old Zaire in order to reduce the burden of the refugees in the area of the Large Lakes."

    By Lawrence


    the cameras of television continue to forward until in our shows of the images of the génocide of 1994 to Rwanda and in ex-Zaire.

    The despair which is read on the faces of the refugees haunted many people in the world. We read in our newspapers the calls despaired for assistance.

    Uvira, Bukavu, Kisangani, Kivu and Goma are names ' ensanglantés' pertaining to old Zaire now called the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

    A many refugees in the DRC for a long time feel a deep feeling of despair vis-a-vis the ceaseless sanguinary massacres in the area of the Large Lakes.

    Although several organizations such World Health Organizations (WHO) , International CARE and the International Red Cross Society (IRCS) redoubled efforts in order to provide of the assistance the refugees, those have the feeling which these efforts do not carry their fruits

    However, others see the things differently. And their continuous efforts to be beneficial in more than one way.

    Several actions of help were undertaken by some ONG the last year and still continue this year in order to bring of the assistance to the thousands of refugees of Congo-Kinshasa touched by seven months of war in the country.

    Among the ONG carrying out a remarkable work in Congo the Association of the Witnesses of Jéhovah of Zambia (ZAJW) is which was formed at the beginning of last year.

    This association, with these 160 volunteers belonging to the congregations of the country, takes part in the distribution of food, drugs, and various humanitarian aid with the refugees of ex-Zaire.

    The volunteers of the ZAJW , whose action was made possible by the contributions and the co-operation of their churches of Belgium, France and of Switzerland, provided to the refugees a total of 500 kg of drug, 10 tons of vitamin, 20 tons food, more than 90 tons of clothing, 18.500 pars of shoes and 1000 covers the whole of an amount from approximately 1 million dollars the last year.

    Congo with also received from the assistance in the shape of labour. Three medical observers, two doctors and a nurse were sent.

    Samabona Clement, spokesman of ZAJW explains why during the last 9 months, of the Témoins doctors of Jéhovah were sent in the areas EAST of Congo by its association thanks to assistance coming from France. There, they brought supports to them with many victims of the war coming from various areas of the country.

    The Witnesses of Jéhovah also collaborated training male nurses among congolais EAST.

    With others have learned how to manufacture wheel chairs for the casualties starting from pieces of metal and the widows of Bunia-Butembo left without resources after deaths of their husband and the destruction of their fields received clothing and money to start with a small trade of clothing of occasion.

    "Because the position of neutrality of the Witness of Jéhovah is universally known, their volunteers were authorized to go in many places. The helps brought, as well as the drugs against the cholera, the dysentery and the malaria, were provided to the Witnesses and to nonthe witnesses "explains Mr. Samabona.

    The volunteers also taught the work of the frame, the poultry breeding, the size of clothing to the local inhabitants so that they can provide them-even for their needs.

    "Approximately 95 percent of the inhabitants of Goma and Kisangani are without employment. Only some humane organizations employ congolais as drivers or gatekeepers. There thus needs to help these people has to become independent and has to provide the needs of their families "explains Mr. Samabona.

    In spite of the efforts of association however, the volunteers encounter difficulties in their operations in Congo.

    Those are due to the significant distances and the transportation routes which are practically non-existent. The best means of transport, even the single one, it is the plane which however costs expensive.

    The administrative Formalities prevented association to fully achieve its goal in these areas, because to obtain a pass of the authorities to circulate freely from one city to another is long and tiresome.

    The dispatch of the assistance was delayed by a situation particularly difficult to manage since last year although the things seem to improve.

    What now envisaged association to come to assistance of the Tutsi refugees trapped in thick the drill from Congo since the end of the war?

    Mr. Samabona explains: "association will continue to help the least privileged in the country by providing to the population the things necessary such as food."

    "the area of Butembo produces rice and broad beans but not enough to nourish the people of the area. To face, association thought that it was necessary to obtain money to buy food inside and outside the country and to rather provide it to the refugees than to import the food of Europe and it is what we will continue to make this year."

    Association also envisaged to send more voluntary doctors in these areas devastated by the war to teach with the populations the bases of health such as the detection of the cholera and other epidemic diseases.

    There needs also to find trucks adequate and reliable to transport the drugs and food in the areas whose roads are insuperable

    Yakki Da


    I need more BOE letters, KMs and other material. Those who can send it to me - please do! The new section will be interesting!!

    Daily News On The Watchtower and the Jehovah's Witnesses:

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    NGO = Organisations non gouvernementales ONG

    just wondered what an ONG was


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    Thanks Nelly,


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    I dont know if anyone has posted the 'new light' on the UN which is 'the digusting thing' mentioned in Rev. This is the May 1st 1999 WT pages 15 through 17

    *** w99 5/1 16-17 para 13
    "Note this key point: In the ancient pattern, ‘the disgusting thing standing in a holy place’ was linked to the Roman attack under General Gallus in 66 C.E. The modern-day parallel to that attack—the outbreak of the great tribulation—is still ahead. So “the disgusting thing that causes desolation,” which has existed since 1919, apparently is yet to stand in a holy place."

    *** w99 5/1 17 para15
    "15 Revelation depicts “a scarlet-colored wild beast” that exists for a time, disappears, and then returns. (Revelation 17:3, 8) This beast is supported by world rulers. Details supplied in the prophecy help us to identify this symbolic beast as a peace organization that came into existence in 1919 as the League of Nations (a “disgusting thing”) "

    *** w99 5/1 17 para16
    "16 Since the start of the great tribulation is yet future, is the “standing in a holy place” still ahead of us? Evidently so. While “the disgusting thing” made its appearance early in this century and has, thus, existed for decades, it will take a position in a unique way “in a holy place” in the near future."

    I hope that helps clear up the 'new light' if it hasnt been already the bottom line i guess is that the UN is still 'disgusting' just has not stood up yet.

    formerly a member of a Non-Prophet

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    Hi All,

    Well, I've nursed my wounds after being verbally battered by a few of you :) I guess I can live with a little anger and disagreement, in my search for information. I guess that's "life."

    Anyway, I noticed that in the newest Awake on Wife Battering, there is an article entitled "The Experiment Failed." In the article, it quotes from a financier who says the UN is constitutionally incapable of bringing about the goals outlined in the preamble to their charter.

    I have to agree that if the WTBTS applied to be an NGO with the UN, knowing full well that NGO status required them to support the ideals of the UN charter (and yet they continue to publish info saying the UN charter is a failure), that is doublespeak. This is definitely something I find "troubling" and am continuing to research into.

    However, a few questions are eating at me:

    I know the requirements to apply for NGO status are outlined on the UN's website, but it's unlikely the UN even had a website back in 1991. (If I'm wrong, correct me.)

    Assuming that the UN didn't have a website, can it be verified that the current requirements for NGO status listed on the UN's website (i.e., supporting the ideals of the UN charter, etc.) were stated or implied in the application package at the time Lloyd Barry applied for membership? I don't see anything to that effect in the current application form. Also, has the form changed in the last 10 years? What exactly was in the application package in 1991?

    I know these are side points, and the large picture is really whether or not the WTBTS should even be listed as an NGO. But in the intersts of getting our facts straight, I think it's important to have answers to these questions. To find out exactly WHAT the application package consisted of (and WHAT explicit requirements for NGO membership were agreed to) 10 years ago at the time Lloyd Barry applied for membership.

    Does anyone have the exact application package that would have been issued in 1991 and/or the 1991 application form filled out by the Society?

  • troubled

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    Very interesting comparison of comments re: YMCA

    Thanks Dungbeetle ([email protected] name... cracks me up.. thanks )


  • hawkaw


    No offence but I have given you a contact and a telephone number.

    Telephone them up yourself.

    I am trying to get the file or something from the UN in writing on the subject.

    For the record, any NGO that has official "associate" status must, repeat "must" support the UN's charter - period - No weasel wording around it and it has been that way since the start of NGO's associating with DPI way back when. This directly from Ms. Oca's (DPI Information Officer's) mouth.


    p.s. - glad you are thinking.

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