Tattoo you?

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  • Country_Woman

    I was always to scared (and was thinking that a tattoo was ordinair) but lately I am thinking of one.

    A good acquintance took this one - told me that it was designed by a late friend (the former owner of my dogs) it is called "dream catcher" and it took 5 hours to do it.

    A week ago she told me that she's got cancer ... when my courage is high, I am going to ask her if I can take the same one....

    without the scorpio sign - that one did'nt belong to the design.

  • weinermcgee

    would I be a geek if i put these on my calves of my legs

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    matt's bro has the rebel alliance tattooed on his arm.

    yes. you would be a geek, but that's ok...we still love you.

    luv, jojo (of the i ''heart'' geeks class)

  • upside/down

    Got one...then I have four...and counting...

    Damn...they are addictive.

    u/d(of the pay the extra $$ for a GREAT artist...or you may regret it FOREVER class)

  • coolhandluke

    I've got a huge one on my back. i just got it done two weeks ago. When I get a digital camera, I'll post it. They are symbols that I drew. The top most symbol is a circle swallowing another circle, the middle symbol is infinity, and the bottom most symbol is a reverse of the first. Its on my spine. It felt sooo good. I sat for four hours total to have it done. The guy said that he had never seen someone sit that long or have a tattoo that large as their first.

    In the background, I'm going to put a large samurai over all of my back in full armor with a sword emerging from its scabbard. On the actual sword, I'd like the kanji for innocence. The reason for all of this has long been floating in my head. It is my childish belief that everything comes full circle. It is one of the only remaining childish things that I hold onto. I believe that it must be protected...therefore, the samurai.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh
    would I be a geek if i put these on my calves of my legs

    Weinermcgee, although I agree that you probably would be a geek, I really love the empire's circle and have briefly considered it for tattoo choices. Let me emphisize briefly.

  • Carol

    I don't have any yet! However I just bought myself a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard C50T and am now shopping to find out what my first piece of body art will be. It will have to be age appropriate, fine lines and in a location where it can be hidden by business attire!

    My daughter Danielle got her first piece of body art at 15 (she's now 17 1/2) it was a duck with attitude, after that she got a pudgy devi with a halo on her lower back and 3 months ago she got a tribal band with her late Grandfather's initials (RJM) in the center around her upper right arm. The only one that bothered her was the devil on her lower back, the artist was a little heavy handed and we should have waited until a differant time of month to have it done.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith


    I have the tauntaun skull insignia that is on Boba Fett's left shoulder pauldron tattooed on my left shoulder. If that makes me a geek, then so be it.

  • weinermcgee

    thats awesome lowkey any chance of seeing a picture of that?

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    I wish there was weiner, I had to get help just uploading my avatar. (I'm really computer retarded, you see.) I have pics of all my tats on my computer, I just don't know how to get them from here to there. Every time I've tried, it just ends in heartache.

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