What silly rules did your congregation make up?

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  • Krisiva10

    I have had a wonderful laugh at everyones entries. We weren't allowed to watch anything to do with magic of course. No smurfs. I can't figure out exactly why no Smurfs. I would have been totally thrown out in some of your congs. I had hot pink hair at the nape of my neck and 3 ear piercings on each ear. Now I have 4 on each ear. Take that you stuffies!! hahaha

  • Toronto_Guy
    If you were handling mic's during the WT study, you had to have a WT in your hand while roving.

    Funny, in one cong. I was in, it was the exact opposite! We were instructed not to carry the WT with us while roving mikes...we had the mikes with wires so it would have been hard to juggle both...lol


  • Finally-Free

    We had to carry our watchtowers when handling the mics - and you can be sure the elders checked to make sure they were underlined. Several times when doing mics I noticed the PO's watchtower wasn't underlined, so I raised a bit of a stink about it because he should set the example.

    He started underlining his watchtower, but I lost my microphone privileges™.


  • defd

    couldnt smoke outside the door..........

    couldnt curse at oneanother.........................

    couldnt use the Kingdomhall as a casino ( BINGO)....................

    DARN RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cygnus

    What do you mean, dfed? In 1968 we had a 5 minute smoke break in the middle of every meeting.

    I noticed "bathtub baptisms." One of the best memories I have of my dad is when he baptized a man and his wife in a bathtub and I was there to witness it. Must have been at least 25 years ago. Now all baptisms have to be done at assemblies, right? My mom got baptized around 1960 in Lake Erie, bet that was quite the chilling experience.

    Oh, by the way defd, there was plenty of cursing going on, and some congos did worse than Bingo. I remember several times they'd suggest some sort of (totally unnecessary) remodeling project and they passed around slips of paper and you'd write down what you thought you could "contribute." Just absolute silliness. BINGO would have been more fun and would have raised more $.

  • twinflame

    The Smurfs? I remember that one and didn't allow my kids to watch them on TV or own one. Didn't you know that one child had a stuffed one that came to life at night....the little demon!

    Remember the bright colored suits in the late 80's/early 90's? My boys were counseled about wearing them because they were inappropriate and it drew attention to themselves. And then there was my daughter's hair that stood up too high in the front, and my other daughter who had too much of a slit in her skirt. And then, and then.....

  • defd

    What do you mean, dfed? In 1968 we had a 5 minute smoke break in the middle of every meeting.

    I would consider that a good change, wouldnt you?

  • Honesty
    The funny thing is, at the time I was regular at meetings and in field service. Now that I am there maybe once a month with no jacket and zero hours in service, they keep putting me on the list to handle microphones.

    I laid out of meetings for over a year when I was trying to fade out of the borg. The very first meeting I was talked back into attending by the ex, the PO told me that I would be reading the WT that morning. I thought it was too funny. Here I had been inactive (no meetings, FS reports, etc. for at laest 13-14 months) and they want me to read the WT in front of the congregation. I knew then that the 'granting of privileges' was just a big joke.

  • pratt1

    Women were not allowed to where bikinis at the pool or beach.

    Absolutely no Afros for men or women.

    No ethnic art work.

    The stars, moon, or sun could not be worn, or displayed on clothing in in art work.

    No motorcycles - looks rebellious

    Men should not wear any jewelry except for a watch.

  • mrsjones5
    The stars, moon, or sun could not be worn, or displayed on clothing in in art work.

    I once wore star and moon earings to a family function and my uncle Jonathan the elder almost lost his cookies. I plan to have my tattoo before the next family get-together, he might have a heart attack.

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