What silly rules did your congregation make up?

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  • weinermcgee

    Elders were famous for making up stupid rules with no bible base at all as an ego trip I guess, what were some of yours? I am not talking about the stupid rules that we all had to follow, just the congregation specific silly ones.

    1. having to button your jacket while on stage (this was later changed due to all the elders having a beer gut)

    2. Suits only or no privledges. ie giving talks, operating mikes, behind magizine counter. you weren't allowed to wear pants a different color then your jacket. if you wore khacki's and a jacket you were basically a worldly person. this later changed slightly, you could wear black or grey dress pants with a different color jacket. Can you believe they actually did a special needs talk outlining all this?

    3. No sideburns past the middle of your ear. (made this one up after the 70's hairy phase, prob mid 80's)

    4. no rings on your pinky finger or toes.

    this isn't really a rule but can you believe our CO used to have a printout of his fave dishes and list of things he didn't like and it was actually posted on the bullitin board for when he came and ate at peoples houses for dinner? And i am not confusing this with things he was allergic to or for health related reasons.

  • kid-A

    1. Plain white shirts only for men, no patterns or colours allowed.

    2. Normal neckties, no bow-ties, crevattes, pocket squares, etc.

    3. No casual style "slacks" with blazer, had to be a matching suit!

  • pratt1

    My congo decide that since the local junior high school held its graduration in a church, the dub kids could not attend.

    Thank God my dad was worldly and vetoed my mother wishes, so I got to go.

  • Mulan

    At the congregation my grandparents, aunt and cousins attended, an elderly man was the School overseer. (this was in the 60's) He said the sisters couldn't wear sleeveless blouses or sleeveless dresses on the stage.

    They couldn't use microphones for their talks either. He only changed that later when "use of the microphone" was on the counsel slip.

    At our congregation, only Ministerial servants could handle the microphones.

  • daystar

    You couldn't, apparently, have sex with the POs daughters and expect a long-lived JW career... not that I had anything to do with them. I'm just saying...

  • Finally-Free

    1. No moustaches.
    2. No baby showers.
    3. "Personal" bridal showers were banned after 2 sisters™ had sex after one. Those HOT teddies will do it every time.


  • PaulJ

    Elders wives were not allowed to shave their legs... apparently... mind you maybe that was just them!!!

  • upside/down

    All "sisters" had to wear nylons...

    If you wore a non-thrift store suit...you were worldly and making the poorer brothers feel bad ie. showy display and all...

    If you rode a motorcycle...you didn't respect the gift of life (even if that's all you could afford)

    Vegetarians were more "spiritual"...as that's New System fare...

    Being "allergic to life" was OK to avoid meetings and field service...but don't you DARE question why they have no problem going to the mall and doing anything else in life they wanted. Allergies of convenience are soooo cool.

    If you listened to Rush Limbaugh...you COULDN'T be a good "christian"...

    A "real" job....is a no no....only lowly janitors, carpet cleaners and window washers will inherit the kingdom.

    College was OK if you were gonna use it to Pioneer...if not...you must remain a dumbshit...(never could figure out that "logic")


  • xjwms

    Brothers would have to wear suits if giving a Sunday Talk.

    No sport coat.

    Is that a requirement from the organazation OR congregation?

  • carla

    my favorite kind of thread again! So that's why he's on a big kick to get 'suits'. He's got plenty of sport coats just not complete suits. hmm, he's been wanting a motorcycle though. Guess they got rid of that one?

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