What silly rules did your congregation make up?

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    Ha! I thought Jehovah created them!!! No it was Jesus Colossians 1:15-20
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    OOPs sorry I dont know what happened there ( Old age again)

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    Here were some of the rules i can remember.

    1. Brother's were not allowed to wear white socks.

    2. Brother's had to wear a jacket on the platform even in the middle of summer.

    3. When you were courting the sister had to sit in the back of the car, so as to avoid temptation!

    4. You could only have privilages if you were a pioneer or had an elder for a dad.

    5. No skirts above the knee. Skirts had to be below the kneecap as ''knees'' were a distraction to the brothers!

    6. Couldn't show any clevage or wear clothes that hugged curves.

    7. No low backed dresses or tops. A sister i know wore a low backed wedding dress and the first meeting she attended after her honeymoon, she was counseled over it.....

    8. Brothers hair could not touch the collar or the ears.

    9. No tattoo's.

    10. No alcohol at gatherings.

    11. At the cong i grew up in they banned all gatherings. They couldn't even get together at the park!

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    4. no rings on your pinky finger or toes.

    That is funny, since most elders here wear pinky rings, more of a sign of distinction.

    Our used to be:

    White shirts only. If the speaker wore a colored shirt there was always a white starched one available for them. This practice ended in the 80's.

    No slits higher than your knee.

    No jean skirts. - Funny thing is I sometimes still feel awkward wearing them after all these years.

    No skirts shorter than your knee.

    When on stage sisters had to wear panyhose.

    No flip flops.

    Brothers who has *responsibilities* could not wear leather sandals. They were not regular sandals, but shoes that had leather straps intertwining with no holes.They looked fine.

    Sideburns could not pass the lower half of your ear.

    Brother's hair could not touch their collar.

    To be an MS or and elder you had to at least put in 10 hrs of FS a month.

    Sisters could not wear fishnet nylons. - I had a blast with these since I wore them anyway.

    Flashy suits - We live in New England and one black brother had a funky colored suit and he was asked not to wear it.

    Better not show cleavage or you were talked to. It was so hard for sisters who were busty, I felt bad for them.

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    At one point in my hall, teenagers between 15 and 19 had to sit in the first two rows during the Wt study and were required to answer the qestions that were assigned to them befoerhand.

    If you had a two door car, you weren't putting the kingdom first because two doors weren't practicle in service.

    If you wore a nice leather jacket with a tie and slacks, you were considered rebellious.

    The hem of the sisters skirts must touch the floor when she was kneeling position. If it didn't touch the floor, the skirt was too short.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    It must be pretty laid back here in old Blighty compared with what I have read here!

    Over the years I have had moustach, beard, long sideburns, long hair, very short hair, sports jacket, checked sports shirts, leather jacket, two door cars, two seater sports cars, motorbikes, etc.

    In my current congregation sisters wear fishnets, bare legs, open toe shoes, very high heels, low cut tops, short shirts (even when on platform!)

    No-one seems to bother. Probably a case of having to make do with what you have. If all these were counselled and removed from 'privledges' there would be nobody left.


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