What silly rules did your congregation make up?

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  • Spectre

    One did NOT say that you were having a party. The appropriate term was "gathering".

    There was a CO that wouldn't assign sisters to a car for field service if their hair wasn't completely dry yet.

  • ackack

    Spectre: this seem equivelent to the bethel rule that you couldn't come to morning worship if your hair wasn't completely dry. I seem to remember my cousin complaining she had to get up at 5:30 or some ungodly hour to get ready for it.


  • calico

    What was the reasoning for not wearing things that depicted sun, moon, or stars? I have several sets of earrings and a pin that are moon and stars. They are so cool!

  • Spectre

    The sun, moon or stars are used in astrology and we can't have anything associated with that.

  • calico

    Ha! I thought Jehovah created them!!!

  • free2beme


    Eagle Point, Oregon

    I was not in this congregation when this happened. I was, however, close with elders and servants who were.

    In 1995, the elder body decided that handguns were evil. So they told the congregation, all elders and servants (Pioneers too), needed to get rid of their handguns if they wished to remain in their positions. Here is the kicker, selling the gun was not enough. On a Saturday afternoon, they set up at the Kingdom Hall and actually dismantled handguns and smashed them. They then took the pieces and threw them in the trash. The thinking was, if you sold such an evil item, it was no different then selling a demon possessed book to someone else. Later, the elders were visiting other elders home, servant's home and Pioneer homes'. Anyone who was known to have a handgun, and did not show up that Saturday or show proof that they had discarded the handgun, was checked to make sure it was no longer in their home and explain where it went. Which, is they did not say "smashed and trashed" they were at risk of removal from their position.

    Are you creeped out yet, it's all true!

  • avishai
    I would consider that a good change, wouldnt you?

    Oh HELL no...

    It infringes on personal freedom, and making "rules" of what grown ass people can't do that only hurts them is stupid.

    So, no, there increasing "rules of power and control are NOT a good thing. See, defd, that's the deal, JW's have a huge need to control. "Don't go to the police and report bro molester"

    That was another "rule". Dont have an organ transplant, or a vaccination. Another "rule". Killed lot's of people. That is why they are called a "high control group.

  • tijkmo
    The Lion King?! Really??! It was encouraged to watch it over here because of the similarities with Satan, God and Jesus...and good taking over bad...and all that stuff. I remember people making big about how great it was for JW kids to watch.

    seemingly in one scene the word sex is written in the clouds

  • Jourles
    Every part of the body must be below the water's surface in baptism

    I wrote up a post about this a while ago but I couldn't find it. I recall seeing at more recent baptisms, the Baptism Police(I guess I really never noticed them when I was mentally 'in'). At a DC, there are usually two brothers, arms folded, watching the candidates being dunked. Anyone that still attends the DC's should look for these brothers and just watch them - they are quite funny. CA's don't have the larger amount of candidates that they used to - that is why you have a better chance at seeing the Police in action at the DA's.

    As each candidate is dunked, the Baptism Police arch their torsos to get a better view to make sure that all body parts, including a little toe, are completely submersed. If the Police step to the pool right after the candidate is dunked and speak to the baptizer, they then motion on their own body the point where the candidate wasn't completely "wet." The baptizer is then instructed to dunk them again. Two years ago at College Station, I saw one poor sister get dunked 3 times in a row. Her foot kept popping up. After the second time, the bros appeared to be telling her to plant her feet and just let them arch her back. She kept lifting her legs up went she went back. Even my wife laughed at that.

    But it's pretty sorry for an organization to make up such stupid rules. Since when is it so damn important to insert a man-made rule for something that merely symbolizes your dedication to the organization God? Just being submersed in the water symbolizes your step. Only the JW's could apply such Pharasaical rules.

  • mouthy

    Ha! I thought Jehovah created them!!! No it was Jesus Colossians 1:15-20

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