Here's PROOF that Charles Taze Russell Was NOT a Pennsylvania Freemason

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  • reslight2

    Regardless, there is no evidence at all that Russell was a member of the Freemasons (except what has to imagined and assumed) and there are tens of thousands of pages of Russell's works that overwhelmingly prove that he was not in agreement with the goals of the Freemasons or the Knights Templar. Indeed, his belief that the trinity doctrine is man-made and denies the ransom sacrifice would exclude him from being a member of the Knghts Templar, for belief in the trinity is required to be a member of the Knights Templar. Russell, however, seemed to confuse the Masons and the Knights Templar as being one and the same, which would mean, from his mistaken view, that he would assume that all Masons professed to be Christian, and as he did with Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, and members of many other denominations, he referred to them as "brethren". This does not mean that he agree with such organizations, but it did conform with his view that true Christians may be found amongst all the various professed Christian denominations and organizations.

  • Apognophos

    Wow, I never looked up while going in and saw the winged disc on the Stanley. Bizarre coincidence.

  • reslight2

    As far as the winged symbol in the Stanley Theater, as best as I can tell from the pictures provided, it is not the same as the "sun of righteousness" symbol that Russell used.

  • Balaamsass2

    Thanks Barbara. Interesting thread. As a kid in the 60s I was entraced with Russells symbols and illustrations in "Studies in the Scriptures". We used to attend Conventions at the Mosonic Scotish Rite Temples in Oakland and San Francisco. I felt it was like having a convention at a Catholic church, so when I asked a few Elders and oldtimers (from the 30s) about it, they told me "The original Bible Students had a special relationship" with the Masons. And "They gave us special discounts" for the buildings." Very weird. The local Masons invited me to attend and join..they seem pretty much like the Elks...hummm....except for the weird Russel/Watchtower stuff........

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    Newly Enlighted has it right!

    Not every higher up member needs to register.

    In order to belong to a higher Freemason one must write. The writing does not need to make any sense. Just read some Free Mason books. Perhaps that is why Russell's writings no one understands! Unless you actually think Levithian was the locomotive.

    Also, I recall reading Russell's wife danced with other illuminatii women with bust in their hands! I doubt she would have married outside this club. Found out that Illuminatii never had to register with lodges especially after a certain number.

    I wonder how many of those GB are Freemasons or Illuminattii.

    Charles Tays Russell influenced his nephew in how to make money!

    I doubt very much that Charles T Russell's money only came from his publishing company.

    Probably from a very wealthy Real Estate owners.

    Barbara your father was a Freemason?

    I am sure some masons joined to keep jobs.

    Oh yeah! I remember how they had special talks at the those Freemason buildings. They told us they rented the space without any connections. I thought they could rent from other places! :-) Maybe they got a good discount.

    Anyone connect the dots with the Freemason bible and writing about the pyramids.

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    Certain high-ranking Freemasons are required to be extremely discreet about their membership (to the public at large).

  • Finkelstein

    It has to realized that some of Russell's theological ideas such as Pyramidology were derived from Freemason theology itself.

    The Grand architect symbolism (by God) associates with the Pyramid image and that can be seen in many images used by the Freemasons.

    Just to reconfirm that to this day there are Egyptian imagery still seen in the main Freemason Hall in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

    This is most likely where Russell derived and was influenced his Pyrmiidology beliefs.

    Russel was a known to extract other ideologies from other outside sources as well concerning bible interpretations and understanding of scripture.

    His following came not necessarily from strong analyzed bible research but by propagating his adjoined acquired ideas together

    and putting them into print, creating books and magazines that were attractive and appealing to read.


    So it could very well be said that Russell was not a fully registered Freemason from one established Lodge but he certainly derived some of his theological

    beliefs from associating himself with this organization .


    Reflectively what becomes a bit surprising to many is how could anyone infuse traditional ancient Egyptian beliefs with that of ancient Hebrew

    traditional beliefs and make a conjoined theological concept from both. !!!


    I wouldn't say that we proof of anything as regards CTR'S membership with the Masons. We will probably never know. We do know that he was influenced by the Masonic philosophy. He was definitely influenced by Zionism. He professed a dislike for organized religion. He was just a man who was searching for answers. However his quest began, it seems that he was a victim of his own success.

    History shows us that Rutherford went on to make a success of the franchise.


  • sparky1

    Russell STOLE his Pyramidology beliefs from C. Piazzi Smythe and put his own spin on them. His beliefs about the so called 'GREAT STONE WITNESS' did not come from the MASONS. To connect Russell to MASONRY through his pyramid speculations is just conjecture and irresponsible reasoning.


    C.P. Smythe?!?! Wow! Never heard of him! Interesting....


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