Here's PROOF that Charles Taze Russell Was NOT a Pennsylvania Freemason

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  • Violia


    I agree with you b/c I am very sympathetic of the paranormal in most of its forms ,yet I am not registered anywhere as involved in it . I have not officially joined anything. It has had a big influence in my thinking, however. I suppose Russell could have done the same.

    I have a cousin who is a Freemason and he says all the hype about is is nonsense.

  • shechaiyah

    What you can read off the Pyramid is a list of Watchtower society favorite Brothers and Sisters, Russell had added, or somebody added.

    Insignias of the Society as well as of the Freemasonic order ABOUND all over this Pyramid.

    In FACT, the Society IS STRUCTURED as a top-down (elite) Hierarchy, a model NOT CHARACTERISTIC either of "tens over tens" Republican Rule of Israel,

    nor of Leadership-by-Gifts of Jesus followers. So the Hierarchy model ITSELF is Satanic, coming straight out of Babylon.

    This is why the Society is so bloody stuck today, because they have NO LEADERS at the top, only followers. They don't know HOW to lead.

    I don't see any inspiration whatsoever except how to find more people to disfellowship, shun and disenfranchise.

  • alaues

    Well, I understand all that is being said, but where are those letters? Can you upload a picture or something!! Im supposed to just take your word for it!!!???

  • Listener

    Alaues you can write to the same centres that B. Anderson wrote to, that way you will have first hand proof. If you use the search button up on the left hand side you will find plenty of pictures. There's also a link on this thread.

    Just out of curiosity what are you refuting?

  • GreenhornChristian

    It was an invisible overlapping membership.

  • *lost*

    I read something recently that said that although it wasn't known for definite if Russel was actually a freemason, or just an associate, it is known that

    he was in close association with them growing up. (his father, or Gfather)

    I will try to find the reference for the piece.

  • Vanderhoven7



    Worth repeating:

    KID A said, " This has nothing to do with conspiracy theories! Conspiracy theories can neither be proven nor disproven. The simple point of that very old thread was that Russell did use masonic imagery on his literature, and was very clearly sympathetic to the masonic movement and based many of his early theological theories on masonic themes, such as Pyramidology. Was his name on the list? Was he formally initiated? Does it matter? Not really. The simple point is that JWs today have no idea as to some of these old connections and influences. Obviously there was no 'grand conspiracy' with the free-masons to bring down the world or some other such nonsense. I have no problem with masons, I know several and they are great people. However, to deny that Russell used masonic imagery and philosophies in his own writings is preposterous. Whether he was formally initiated as "card-carrying" member of the freemasons is to completely miss the point ."

  • redvip2000

    I am still trying to figure out what the Egyptian/Masonic "winged disc" symbol was doing on the Stanley Theater.

    As it was said already, the disk was already there. The Org bough the theather in 1983, but it was actually built in the 1920's and it was originally decorated with Egyptian motif.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    I met with a 32 degree Freemason, in current standing with the lodge, he was their grand master and has done several decades of research in their library. And was told personally , that until you get to the 33 rd degree you do not know what is above that degree, there could be a 1,000 degrees. There is a super secret elite group above 33 degrees that are known as the 'Elite-ists" The lower Mason's are not even aware of them or know who they are.

    The Freemason organization will not give out their names, degrees or positions. It is super secret with a death oath.

    The other Mason's nicknamed them the "White Hats"

    Back in the 1800's the Eliteists or 'White hats' all wore these. The member I talked to said that he has seen Russell's pyramid by his grave and told me that was a sign of great respect from the Mason's. The Mason's respect Russell because he started a wordwide religion from NOTHING and it is worth billions of $$$$ now.

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