Here's PROOF that Charles Taze Russell Was NOT a Pennsylvania Freemason

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  • JaniceA

    I don't know much about masons though my father in law had a memorial or something by his local lodge which the family attended. He was prominent in his community.

    My limited understanding is that one initiates and then rises through the ranks. Wouldn't there be records of them before they entered the higher levels even if the higher degrees are not necessarily recorded?

    I was with father In law at death. No toga was requested or oiffered.

    I dont believe Catholics are accepted as Masons or they are not allowed (religiously) to join. This was a contentious issue between Catholic husband and his dad.

  • Solaris11
    why does it matter if Russell was a Mason ? It does not follow , if he was, that today's JW Org has any connection,

    The only reason anyone wakes up to the JW teachings is through research. The same is true about the watchtower ties with masonry. Your statements clearly confirm you don't understand what Freemasonry is and see what is hidden in plain sight within The Watchtower.

    Look up Dallas Canada's YouTube account and check out his research into this subject and read Fritz Springmeiers books.

  • Solaris11
    My limited understanding is that one initiates and then rises through the ranks.

    Russell was an initiate into the Scottish Rite 33rd degree. The identity of these individuals are hidden from view and records are kept strictly confidential. Lower degrees are completely ignorant as to the identity of these individuals. The Scottish Rite is where the true power and agenda of masonry lies. You cannot earn your way into that position, it is only available to those with the appropriate bloodline. The lower downs in the order are seen as the Watchtower's version of "publishers", nothing more and the records of these individuals are readily accessible to the public, and they are not offered a special memorial service. Think of the 33rd degree masons as equivalent to a secret version of the "governing body", and the rest of the masons as the rank and file.

    I dont believe Catholics are accepted as Masons or they are not allowed

    From the viewpoint of the lower degrees a division and contention exists. There is a reason for this. At the highest level however there are no divisions between Freemasons and Jesuits. They are one and the same as is their agenda.

  • Listener

    Solaris, are you able to prove your claim regarding Russell. I know you say it's secret but if you know he was then you've just proven that claim as false. It's no longer secret once it's on public notice.

    Has your research revealed which Governing Bod members today are Fremasons?

  • Solaris11

    you all can put it in the conspiracy theory basket if you want, or you can research it. I am not here to defend what I have written, I am here to share what I have learned. do your own research as I have done or don't - it's all the same to me.

  • Crazyguy

    I’m with those that believe he was but it was not common knowledge or would be admitted by any lodge , because this was a private club and they didn’t go around advertising it.t

    Then again there’s one other idea, Russell copied many things with his religion so maybe he wasn’t a mason but just copied many of the things the masons did and symbols they used.

  • ILoveTTATT2


    Why on Earth would they hide that Russell was a Mason?

    You can find public information on 14 US presidents who were freemasons, you can find public information on Joseph Smith that he was a freemason, you can find public information that at one point William Miller was a freemason.

    Public info that C.T. Russell was a Mason?


    Why would they publicly and openly admit and not only admit but celebrate that U.S. presidents were freemasons, but have absolutely no information on the books about C.T. Russell?

    The proof of membership is in the Lodge records, and there have been no lodge records found of C.T. Russell being a member.

  • Saename
    Solaris11 - I am not here to defend what I have written, I am here to share what I have learned.

    This is a discussion forum. If you don't care to have a discussion, why are you posting anything? Asserting that Russell was a Freemason and then later refusing to provide the evidence isn't a discussion. You're just spouting provoking nonsense. Someone challenged you on your self-contradictory claim, so now you're running away, saying that it's not your job to demonstrate anything. But it is. It is on this forum because it's a discussion forum. If you make a claim, you have the burden of proof to satisfy. If you don't care to provide the evidence, don't run around making claims you're not ready to defend on a discussion forum.

    By no means am I saying you shouldn't be here, though; I'm saying your attitude doesn't fit the purposes of this board. With this approach, nobody here is going to take you seriously, so I really don't understand why you would even want to be here. But whatever...

  • TerryWalstrom

    Debates such as these ONLY EXIST because the goal post is moved each time a fact of evidence arises.
    To "know" is to base knowledge on proof.
    To "believe" is to insist on an opinion in the absence of evidence.

    Can't we at least remain reasonable?
    We are not creatures who experience absolutes other than death (and even that has been made moot.)

    Either way, only a handful of people still alive place Pastor Russell in their heart's longing.

    Flat-Earth and Masonic C.T. Russell require a penchant for goal-post movement.

  • joe134cd

    It's a very similar situation with Ellen G White the founder of the SDA. Although there is no concrete proof that she had masonic links, there is certainly a lot of circumstantial proof that she did or was certainly influenced by masonic ideas.

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