Where (Who) in the World is Hibiscusfire?

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  • hibiscusfire


    To be fair, I think Hib is heavily influenced by others and the preaching she does may be just parroting sermons she has heard. Perhaps she does it because it makes her feel good, or even superior. She believes she is doing good, and is oblivious to the potential spiritual harm she could cause to potential or wavering Christians.

    Do you really believe this? How did you come up with that judgement Mr. cake?


  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Hey, welcome back Hibie, I was getting worried about you! Glad you are okay.

  • katiekitten

    Hibie, you may have eaten oysters with GBL, but back off bitch - hes my pet!

  • BrendaCloutier

    Awesome, Hibie has a sense of humour!

    Welcome back hon.

  • hibiscusfire


    Hibicusfire is a comedy genius, in the same vein as the late great Andy Koffman. She's a welcome edition on this forum IMO.

    You know you're very smart GBL!!! My real friends think I'm a clown sometimes but when it comes to serious business I'm serious. I just say weird things when people tend to get over hyper just to say, "Hey I'm only human. I don't know everything". ....and this does not even make perfect sense saying that anyway. I don't know who Andy Koffman is..... Andy and Johnny Carson I don't like frogs. HIBIE

  • daystar

    It's actually "Andy Kaufman".


  • hibiscusfire

    Hello....hmmmm...I didn't realise you missed me...

    I was trying to make paw paw balls.


    PS I really was and I was a bit busy doing some work.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    What are paw paw balls. I remember singing, Picking up paw paws put them in my pocket. Never thought about it before, What the hell is a paw paw. HL

  • hibiscusfire


    And why, if she was never a dub, and doesn't know any dubs, is she posting here?

    I'm posting here because I don't have msn or yahoo messenger anymore and this was the only thready thing I found close to it. I have not found anything close that works good enough for me yet...or I didn't really try hard enough because I thought this JW thready thingy nice.



  • hibiscusfire

    wonderful life:

    What are paw paw balls. I remember singing, Picking up paw paws put them in my pocket.

    Actually it's a candy made from a fruit "we" call paw paw but you would know it a papaya.

    You grate/grind/mince the green paw paw, 1 tsp lemon/lime skin, juice of one lemon/lime and granulated sugar (white sugar) then heat up until it gels. Cool it, roll it into balls and dust with the sugar.

    I always liked it because you add a bit of green food colouring to it.


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