"This just can't last much longer...."

by BrendaCloutier 41 Replies latest jw experiences

  • daystar

    Shhhh... let's all get back to our busy-work... waiting... waiting... waiting... waiting ... waiting ... <ad infinitum>

  • ezekiel3

    The WTS... just can't last much longer.

  • Gill

    That's just so sad to hear how your mum is feeling, Brenda!

    I'm very sorry to hear of your dad's situation.


    My husband's grandmother, a JW all her life, also despaired of JW beliefs before she died.

    As long as I had known her she had really believed, whole heartedly believed, that the New System was coming soon, and would say regularly that she was never going to die.

    But she's dead.

    And death takes on another meaning to someone who has been a JW all their lives. It's not a case of, 'I've done everything I wanted to do, I've had a wonderful life and now it's time to move on.'

    No. It's 'I've missed so much and done nothing that I could have done, or wanted to do. I've missed my life waiting for a lie. I'll just have to do it when I'm resurrected.' Then the realisation, that if they'd been lied to about never dying then perhaps they've been lied to about being resurrected.

    I saw that in the case of grandma. She said scoffingly and weakly, 'and of course, I was never going to die.'

    Year after year, disaster after disaster, they proclaim it's all a 'sign that the end is near' and compare it to the fall of Jerusalem.

    Lives come and go and so much left undone. It's a sad reflection on JW doctrine. Broken hearted, despairing older people who never come to terms with dying.

  • dedpoet

    When I was studying I was told that I'd taken a life - saving action just in time, Armageddon wasn't "just around the corner" as many said, it was right in front of us. That was about 15 years ago, and it's still right in front of us, so I was told by the elders who came to see me to confirm my da in a final bid to get me to change my mind. Aah well, the faces in the kh's might change, but the bullshit stays the same

  • Sheri


    Sorry about your Dad, its hard to watch a parent slip away, my Mom is 84 and has lung cancer. I had a friend ask the other day "boy dont you just want armageddeon to come?" then I reminded her that I do not think that way anymore and dont plan on it happening just as we were taught. So I live now in peace and love for all people not just JWs.

    Let us know which island you are moving to.



  • Apostanator

    Brenda, I'm sorry to hear about your dad and I also feel bad about your mom. When I was 15yrs old back in 1974, we use to study with an elder in our congregation. His mom was very sick and was to die soon, he often stated that they were trying to keep her alive at least till Armageddon came. Unfortunately, she died and I think that he also passed away. The poor rank & file are all continuing to be strung along by this damn Cult. Sometimes you wonder with their age being a factor, if you should just let them continue to believe what they want or try to get them to see the reality. Anyway, best of luck and congrats on Hawaii.

  • crazyblondeb

    Brenda- Watching your dad slip away has got to be hard for you. I've had many alzhiemer's patients and gotten close to them. It's a helpless feeling. My prayers and energies are with you. )))Brenda(((

    The "newer GB" will make up newer BS. The older JWs are so programmed and wore mentally down they'll believe the crap. The GB will try and twist it so it appeals to our generation, or more than likely, try and bully them with scare tactics. (like they are already trying to do.)

    It'll repeat generation after generation. "It's coming, it's coming......"


  • chrissy

    i hear you brenda, i spoke w. my mom today too and i couldn't believe she did not mention one thing judgment day related about the hurricane.

    i hope you are not planning on moving to hawaii until after nov. 5-6, lil lady.

  • doofdaddy

    I rememder my (ex)mother in law telling me that her mum reckoned she would'nt need a decent education cause the new sysytem will be here.

    Well, Granny died years ago, my mother in law died about ten years ago, I'm nearly fifty, my daughter is about to have another generation and I reckon the world hasn't been better!!!

    Is the term, just around the corner, figurative like the generation is??? Tee hee

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Of course as witnesses we all said it. I actually remember getting up in the morning, turning on the news to see if something had happened overnight that was about to trigger the 'end'.

    But just this week I heard a little old lady in town say the same thing... ' this just can't go on much longer can it?'.... this lady is a nice old church-goer whom I sometimes see at the coffee shop I go to, never been a witness, knows little about them. Juat a standard 'cry of the sky' for fundy religion I think. Alas the Watchtower is not alone in this.


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