"This just can't last much longer...."

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    *** The Golden Age (magazine) January 19, 1921 p.240 ***

    [An advertisement for the book "Millions Now Living Will Never Die!"]

    Do these things appeal to you? Unending human life; perpetual health; [...] no more fear of the landlord, the doctor, the sheriff, the employer, of evil men and angels, of vicious animals, of dependent old age; no more blindness, lameness, deafnes, dumbness; to more bald heads, glass eyes, false teeth, or wooden legs; no more sickness, disease, or pestilience; no more ignorance or superstition; no more sorrow; no more tears!

    No, we are not trifling: these things and more are absolutely sure, because they are promosied by the Word of God. The world has already ended, [...] earth's time of restitution, its springtime, begins to count in 1926.

    When that time comes, all the above blessing will not come instantaneously, but will come speedily on those who live through the next five or six years of trouble.

    [Emphasis Added]

    Credit to Qoutes.Watchtower.ca

    This quote was made by the 'faithful slave' a mere 84 years back - that has been a very long 5 or 6 years hasn't it?


  • Cygnus

    When I was still a dub, an older lady of the congo said to me (as I recall) privately once, 'We've been told for fifty years Armageddon is coming soon. I don't know why it hasn't or what really to think and I'm a tad upset.'

    Poor baby-boomers like my dad were told they'd never finish high school because Armageddon would come.

    People like your mom are becoming rarer, I think. A lot of JWs probably couldn't even explain the expected chain of events leading to the great tribulation, nor could they show you from the Bible, nor really do they care. Some older ones still care....... I guess.

  • damselfly

    Sorry about your Dad Brenda.

    It sounds like your mom is tired of waiting for the new system so that things will get better.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    Poor baby-boomers like my dad were told they'd never finish high school because Armageddon would come.

    We were told that we would never finish grade school, then that we would never finish high school, then that we would not need a career, then that we would not live in this system long enough to marry. Then we would not see our children start school, that they would never finish grade school, they would not finish high school, need careers, marry or have children in this system.

    I just turned 50. My oldest grandchild is in grade school. One parent is gone, the other in his 70's. I struggle to make a living with no formal education beyond high school. Many witnesses that I have known have died without a new system, and I fully expect I will too.

    And look - the new system is not here yet.

    Such is the world of Witness Illusion and Delusion. Makes me weep sometimes.


  • jeeprube

    My wife just had the same conversation with her dad. I feel sad for them. They're so focused on a hypothetical event in the future, that their lives are passing them by.

  • wiegel

    It IS frustrating to try to get back "into" the mindset where you would be agreeing all along, because you NOW realize how flawed their reasoning is. Is it ignorance or arrogance that causes them to think they are the first humans to live in a time when bad things are happening on the earth? Mt Everest used to be under the ocean; our planet is "alive" people, and we should be kinder to it - all of us! ~sigh~

  • anewme

    This is the pain. Relatives in the truth we care so much about. We are loathed to hurt by our words so we keep alot in. How can we speak against the paradise hope or ressurrection hope to grandma who looks forward to seeing grandpa again?
    Or if we have a sick relative who awaits a healing in the new system of things, how can we take that hope away from them?

    I cant.

    I have kept my mouth shut since my dfing. Only here with you do I open up.

  • Lilycurly

    People have been pointing out the atrocities of their time since forever and told that phrase again and again. Where is it that I read that the people living in years previous to 1000 A.C. were certain that the year 1000 would see the end of times. They were convinced because of the evidence they saw around them, natural disasters, violence, horrible diseases that killed large parts of the population. Today makes no exception...people who can't take reality need to beleive in something better, I guess.

  • BluesBrother

    Lilycurly is right. Dissatisfied people have been convinced that they were in the time of the end ever since prophecies were written.

    She kept saying that "I just can't see how this system can keep on going. It just can't last much longer!"

    I know well the sentiment. I have said it myself many times over , going back to the 1960's - guess what? we are still here and the world stumbles on from one thing to the next. I still hear it every time a world disaster strikes

    I am sorry to hear of your parents.. It is so sad to see them get older . I guess that is the legacy of failed promises

    BTW : The sky has just turned very dark and thunder storm has started - should I be worried?

  • TD

    "This just can't last much longer...."

    American JW's said this during the Cuban missile crises and when JFK was assassinated and all during the Vietnam War and all during the Ford administration's wage and price freezes and all during the Arab oil embargo and all during the Carter administration's double digit interest rates and when Reagen was shot and during the first Gulf War......

    In short, the JW's I know have been saying this as far back as I can remember.

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