The 12-Member Governing Body - Pics, info and analysis on the new additions

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  • TheOldHippie

    Haven't read all the messages, so this has probably been corrected previously, but there are 9 and not 12 members, since Sydlik, Schroeder and Barber all have died. Present members are Jaracz (85) from USA, Barr (97) from Scotland, Loesch (69) from Austria, Herd (75) from USA, Lett (61) from USA, Pierce (76) who is a Cheyenne Indian from USA, Splane (66) from USA, Morris (60) from Italy and Jackson (60) from Tasmania.

  • Mikejw

    Reading through this old thread it makes even more sense a decade later.

    now we have Brother Kennith Cook, is he now the youngest member of the GB?

    there are problems with more younger members suddenly coming out as having a heavenly hope. Does that mean other ones chosen before 1935 lost their hope of going to heaven?

    I know of a young Elder who is fairly new in the truth and has tattoos who says he and his wife are anointed but their son has just been disfellowshiped for being gay. Would Jehovah really chose them as 144000, this is the question many in the cong are asking.

    the big question I have is will this current GB slowly die off over the next decade or so even 20 years maybe for the youngest members but they all look unhealthy and over fed.

    how can they possibly justify newer younger members even with the overlapping new light?

    we are now getting close to the overlappers getting to old soon?????

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