The 12-Member Governing Body - Pics, info and analysis on the new additions

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  • Neo


    Senile old farts who run the man made Watchtower

    New outbound link to this thread @ Danny Haszard's numerous blogs and pages.

    The link you posted points to this thread. Did you post it also in one of your pages?


  • Cygnus

    Randy, thanks for verifying it for me, man. :) Freddie always had some fight in him, didn't he?

  • DannyHaszard
    The link you posted points to this thread. Did you post it also in one of your pages?

    It's at my xanga blog more links coming

  • tetrapod.sapien


    thanks alot man. now i think freddie is cool.

    The GB is screaming out for some Hispanic and Asian members I would say
    i would like to see the inuit elder from Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowatt. Ootek, i think his name was. TS
  • Neo

    Cygnus, I have often repeated that story, as I was one table over from Freddie that whole week, as he wore it all week right after the other GBs said we had to dress up like it was a meeting! "Where in the hell is McCook, Nebraska?"

    Neo, great job, I borrowed your essay for my GB pages! :-))

    Great, Randy!

    I'd never heard this story about Freddie. I think he never managed to stay quiet after his loss of power in the seventies. "Where in the hell is McCook, Nebraska?" is cool, I'm with the others.


    "The 12 apostles acted as an authoritative central governing body."

    The Watchtower 5/15/97 p.15

    I find this a strange statement to make as of the original twelve betrayed Jesus.

    Well, maybe they see Ray as Judas, don't they actually say so?

    Anyway, the WT would probably answer your question in the following fashion, I guess:

    *** w90 3/15 p. 11 ‘The Faithful Slave’ and Its Governing Body ***

    While all anointed Christians collectively form God’s household, there is abundant evidence that Christ chose a small number of men out of the slave class to serve as a visible governing body. The early history of the congregation shows that the 12 apostles, including Matthias, were the foundation of the first-century governing body. Acts 1:20-26 provides us with an indication of this. In connection with a replacement for Judas Iscariot, reference is there made to "his office of oversight" and to "this ministry and apostleship."


  • IP_SEC

    If these guys were partaking in my old congo, we'd all be like: "Ya, sure they are annointed, uhhhhuh, sure, riiiiiighhht,"

    Gerritt Losch ……………….1941

    David Splane ……………... 1944

    Steve Lett …………………. 1949

    Anthony Morris..................Late 40's/Early 50's (?)

    Geoffrey Jackson ..............Late 40's/Early 50's (?)

  • Neo

    Poztate said:

    There is only two answers to this question...

    1. One of these twelve will turn Apostate...or

    2. Theodore Jaracz (the boss) really thinks of himself as Jesus

    I vote for number 2

    I'd vote for number 2 also. Except that I think that Teddy actually believes that Jesus is the King. And that he, Ted, is his Prime Minister!

    Ya know, the king has only a symbolic role and the prime minister is the real chief of government... The same goes for the WT Kingdom: Jesus has a token role, but Ted is the The Boss!


  • BrendaCloutier

    That picture of Barbur at 100 looks just a bit like a Birthday Party.... sans hats, noisemakers and presence... erm presents. Tx Neo for the poop.

  • M.J.

    Jaracz sure looks like ol' Milton Henshel in that pic...


    Henschel Jaracz

  • Poztate
    The same goes for the WT Kingdom: Jesus has a token role, but Ted is the The Boss!


    I sometimes wonder how much REAL POWER the gang of 12 have anymore. They seem to be isolated and segregated from all the corporations since 2000. Do you think all the new presidents and VP's created in 2000 jump as high and as quickly as when the GB was in direct control? I think not.

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