The 12-Member Governing Body - Pics, info and analysis on the new additions

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  • Neo

    Excellent research Neo.

    I felt free to transform it for the germans:

    you know: "apostates" are always informed first

    Wow! It is cool. The more languages, the better.


    Governing Body, 1975

    There's more info on the Governing Body in the following links:

    All About the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses

    The Governing Body goes old


  • Cygnus

    It's totally off-topic and many here have heard this, but I guess once some 25 years or so it was decided that everybody wear at the minimum a jacket and tie at morning worship or breakfast or whatever they did at Bethel and Fred Franz was against it so the next day he wore a ratty old t-shirt that said something like: "WHERE THE HELL IS [some town] NEBRASKA?" or the like.

  • AlanF

    Cygnus, you done been talkin to Tom!


  • steve2

    The preponderance of white males is one thing. The complete absence of any females is quite another. No wonder the old white guy clutched the slender hand of the young sister!

  • minimus

    NEO======== EXCELLENT!

  • DannyHaszard

    Senile old farts who run the man made Watchtower New outbound link to this thread @ Danny Haszard's numerous blogs and pages.

  • outnfree

    A bib, eh? Truly, to me it looked just like dear old Rev. Wullschleger's velvet-collared, pastoral robes! (I wasn't always a Dub.) It reminded me of how the Judgment Day scenario in JWdum is now more in line with mainstream Protestantism and left me wondering if Mr. Barber's "robes" were an indication of just how much the GB had shifted!

  • Poztate
    "The 12 apostles acted as an authoritative central governing body."

    The Watchtower 5/15/97 p.15

    I find this a strange statement to make as of the original twelve betrayed Jesus.

    There is only two answers to this question...

    1. One of these twelve will turn Apostate...or

    2. Theodore Jaracz (the boss) really thinks of himself as Jesus

    I vote for number 2

  • Dogpatch

    Cygnus, I have often repeated that story, as I was one table over from Freddie that whole week, as he wore it all week right after the other GBs said we had to dress up like it was a meeting! "Where in the hell is McCook, Nebraska?"

    Neo, great job, I borrowed your essay for my GB pages! :-))


    Net Soup!

  • Euphemism

    ROFL That's the first down-to-earth, likable thing I've ever heard about Fred Franz!

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