What's the hardest thing you ever had to do?

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  • misanthropic

    Candidlynuts -my husbands infidelity. that just gutted me.

    I can relate only in my situation it was always with older women when I was a teenager!

    Jeeprube’s story ripped out my heart!!!

  • lonelysheep

    Watching my daughter almost die just after she was born.

    Long story-short:

    Once the umbilical cord was cut, she turned purple and couldn't breathe. I hadn't seen her. Later saw her for 3 minutes and then they took her away to a better hospital. 5 days later, I saw her with machines breathing for her. At that point, the doctors still weren't sure (actually very doubtful) that she would even live and neither was I.

    I'm happy to say she's healthy and starting kindergarten next month.

  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    Visit my 66 yr old dying father in the nursing home

  • hamsterbait


    Awful. My best buddie's wife nearly got to full term and just a couple of weeks before, the scans detected no heartbeat. An operation would have been more dangerous to his wife. She went through labor, knowing she would give birth to a corpse.


  • prophecor

    The time when I had to go to my father's funeral with the haughty attitude of being a witness. Knowing that we were the only ones who had the truth about God's word. Going up to the casket, and because of having such a distant relationship with him, gave him a tap on the chest with my fist a couple of times as if to say, see ya! Immediately afterwards having to go to the Kingdom Hall, laughing and joking regarding his funeral. Trying to place a brazenly bold face to having no feeling for him.

    I was a true @$$hole as a witness.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    After following this thread I am in awe of the strength of the human spirit

    Our Phenomenal Selves

  • Es

    I feel like giving every one a big hug, :(. The hardest things i have had to do is - divorce my first love - watch my grandfather die - leave the JW and realise i have lived a life of lies - deal with the fact my ex wants shared care with my son - be a single parent es

  • Swan

    By far, grow up and leave a religious cult.


  • evita

    My parents divorce when I was 9. My mom was devastated and cried constantly.
    Living with an emotionally unstable mother as a young child with no other support system. She took me out of school and we were quite isolated for a number of years.
    Leaving the JW's and having my mother shun me for close to 10 years.
    Putting myself through college with no support from family.
    The first month after my twins were born they had some health issues. I spent some time going back and forth to the hospital with my little Sam while 4 lb. Jack was home with daddy. Our older son was 3 and I felt so torn and frightened that I wouldn't be able to cope. Add recovery from a c-section and post partum blues to the mix and I'm sure you all get the picture. Everything turned out great and we are so blessed with three beautiful, healthy boys (now 13, 10, and 10).
    Finding out my beloved mom had terminal colon cancer. She died just 8 weeks after diagnosis. It was like my worst childhood fear come true. I tried to be there for her as many days as I could but sometimes I could barely stop crying. I was next to her on her bed when she died. I think it was the worst moment of my life.

    I am so grateful to have a loving family and friends who have helped me through all these times. And all of you here who responded to my posts after my mother passed away. Thank you.
    In spite of hard times, life is good.

  • jaffacake

    The hardest thing I have ever done started just over a year ago and continues - and that is to pretend.

    To pretend to my wife that I was not still in the middle of a breakdown when she was diagnosed with cancer. She couldn't cope with both. And for us both to pretend to our close-knit families that all is well, not even allowing our parents, siblings or children to know all is not well.

    It is the pretence that is hardest, not the illness. it helps to tell someone.

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