Do any jw pubs say "Due time has approached" ala Luke 21:8?

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    Here is a better scan of that picture in the Revelation book. But note the bird-like object next to the face! I found this is a great subliminal art webpage you might find entertaining!!

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    Here are too many similarities for this not to be connected with the original sleeping black child in the clouds believed by some of the anointed to be the "sign of the son of man." The WTS had to comission this misrepresentation in recognitiion of this belief by some and got the artist to come up with this. Here's how I imagined how this concept evolved.

    The task was sublilminal reference to the sign of the son of man in the clouds as a sleeping black child accompanied by a dove.

    1. Create an illustration in the context of clouds and also association with Jesus. Voila! A giant Jesus in the clouds handing John a scroll.

    2. Insert the image of a sleeping black face somewhere in the picture as associated with Jesus as possible. Aha! the face can appear in the corner of his hand. The image is specific. It is dark complected, it has classic if stereotypical Negroid features, broad nose, full lips. And it is not awake but SLEEPING! Nearby you have a cryptic flying bird figure how many artists depic flying birds at a distance. Plus this is not the entire body but just the FACE!

    This means that the sign of the up-close sleeping black face is what was seen by others believed to be the "sign of the son of man" and it is relevant if you understand that christ would take up the body and identity of the prodigal son who must resemble an "Ethiopian eunuch" and live the life of the prodigal son. It is of pertinent interest to the witnesses because as well, this person per the Bible would come out of the witness organization!!

    So the concept of depicting the messiah as the sleeping black child's face is GOD's imagery, which was duplicated on the anniversary of the second coming and photographed by a skyscape photographer! Who was expecting it and so was ready with her camera. Ordinarily she would have been eating dinner and not looking at the skies.

    All the circumstances of the photo combined with all the "hints" in this clearly deliberate depiction of a sleepling black face connected with clouds and the Messiah is more than enough proof others have seen the same thing! That this was known and reported to the WTS who understood the implication but doubted this "transmigration" doctrine, but still didn't mind making a mockery of it subliminally to those holding onto this belief, not being able to do it directly since once you discuss this concept openly it gives people ideas. It's like bringing up the issue of condoms in high school for safe sex. Suddenly lots of people who were not thinking about it at all have to deal with it! This is not something they wanted to give lip service to, so it appears in subliminal art! That's my best guess, anyway.

    No way are these not connected and no way is this not REAL for the inner subcult of the JIOR anointed in the WTS (JIOR="Jehovah Is Our Righteousness", a general reference to those anointed ones who maintain the prodigal son belief and rebel against the "evil slave" Governing Body, but must remain underground.

    The concept of the second coming by "transmigration" is a concept the WTS clearly understands, but rejects! They just were wrong!


  • heathen

    That is some strange thinking there . How many anointed have you discussed this with ? personally I've never heard any of this before now . I was shocked to even see the imagery . Perhaps the sleeping black man is none other than the representation of Nathan Knorr . Who is now dead .Of course everything mentioned is speculation and the WTBTS won't even admit that there is anything there . As far as the dog on jesus chest is nothing more than an apostate infiltrator making a little joke in the art department .

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    Hi heathen:

    As far as the dog on jesus chest is nothing more than an apostate infiltrator making a little joke in the art department .

    I think that is a reasonable, first uninformed guess. But I would doubt this. In some video the WTS put out about their operations at Bethel and elsewhere they actually show members of the Governing Body discussion illustrations that will go into the the Watchtower. So they have to approve these illustrations. The face in the hand and th dog are far too obvious to have passed by their scrutiny. Further the art department does what they are told. The nature of showing Jesus impaled in this manner with a clear shot of his side this way has "commissioned" written all over it.

    You now have the choice of thinking some secret JIOR (the rebel anointed who believe Christ returns in the flesh) got into the art department and commissioned this. But it would still have to be reviewed by the GB who goes over every page and every illustration of all their publications and applaud all the work. They experience it first before the masses do. So I think that is also out.

    Most likely to me, is that they are aware of some holding on to this alternative view of the manner in which Christ arrives but cannot discuss it openly since it would put ideas in the minds of others regarding this. It draws attention to the hidden meaning, even though the specifically said that the child being born and taken up to heaven in Revelation was not a reference to "transmigration", a specific term they used but clearly confirms they understand some might think this child from the earth is now going to be combined with the messiah in heaven through "transmigration." But it is troublesome since they know some anointed are holding onto those ideas or supporting it or allowing it. So they are acknowledging it, to dismiss it, without mentioning it by word, by cleverly including it in their subliminal artwork to mock the secret anointed who believe Christ will return in the body of the prodigal son.

    When I became anointed, shortly after Passover of 1992, the very next day I was trained into the JIOR ways. During the week they have group meeting for service at the Kingdom Hall and so you get to work with people not in your Book Study Group or congregation, which is fun sometimes to work another territory. So I ended up with a group who knew I had been anointed the previous night and they showed me how to recognize certain undercover persons, etc. Back then, they were matching ties and shoes. So holy spirit would end up sending you to get a certain tie and then you'd visit some nearby congregation and someone else would have on that specific tie, the same as yours and they would show you something secret. Of course, out in the field is a great place to exchange all kinds of information, how easy can it get?

    But back to my point, I was induced into the JIOR and they are EXTREMELY secretive, likely because others are watching to see who might be suspect so they can report back to the society. Thus there was definitely an environment of top secrecy and nothing out in the open. You know how it is with the WTS who will mark anybody who makes anti-WTS comments or expresses "apostate" ideas, or heaven forbid, starts reading the Bible without the help of the Watchtower!!!

    So my personal experience suggests this is a "mockery" of this concept and they are acknowledging they have reviewed this and understand it but officially are rejecting it and they want the "renegade" anointed to drop this concept and get back in line. They can't really do it directly so they do it through subliminal art. They asked an artist to come up with that depiction, try to embed some reference of a dog in the side of Jesus and that's what he came up with and they approved the final picture. They probably had more than one possible sublilminal art illustration to choose from. But no way did this get to the press by accident! It's too obvious.


  • heathen

    JCanon -- that is some freaky stuff . Still it's just your opinion that the WTBTS approved of the pictures after having noticed the defects .There are some other pictures that have satanic emblems in them , I do think there is alot of this going on and to claim ingnorance on the part of the WTBTS is a bit hard to believe . I do know which scripture you refer to , when John sees a woman that gives birth to a male child but I don't think it's another baby jesus . I do believe jesus returns to earth but not as a human or an infant the next time , he returns as a God . The WTBTS ignores the scriptures that jesus does return to earth .

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    Was looking through my posting history ... this was a great thread ... just had to BTTT it ...


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