Do any jw pubs say "Due time has approached" ala Luke 21:8?

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  • heathen

    Ohh I think I see it now . It's a picture of hendrix superimposed and he's kissing the sky .LOL

  • AlanF

    Damn good, Neo!


  • JCanon
    There's nothing there. Unusually for a picture of cloud formations, there's nothing there that even remotely resembles anything. Could you perhaps use Photoshop to draw an outline around what you imagine you see there.

    I will, the image is sort of distorted after scanning from a photo. But that's not ALL!!

    When I saw this, I recognized the face of the black child with the dove-eagle descending toward a body being lifted out of the lake of fire. Thus this is a THREE-PART IMAGE. Thing is, only after I saw this did I realize that this was the "sign" seen all along apparently by anoined ones and it got a cryptic reference in the "Revelation" Book. I'll look up the page. But it's where Christ is handing John the scroll and you can see the image of a black child in his hand with a cryptic flying bird nearby! So for those who have seen their own version of the sign, having it photographed like this is a big confirmation. I automatically expect those who don't want to see it to ignore or belittle it. That's fine. It was not meant for them.

    But to think that of all the places and all the times this person just happened to know me and just happened to have a camera ready EXPECTING to see "something" on the 7th anniversary of the second coming on the very afternoon of the sign and to get this! I didn't even understand the body rising out of the river of fire until it was explained to me by others!! It represents a dead body, wrapped up and thrown into the valley of hinon which was an outside insinerator of trash and bodies that is then snatched out of the fire and saved!

    So forget it. The duplication of the imagery is not that great but it's recognizable enough and meaningful specifically enough for the second coming not to be an accident. Plus if I had taken the picture myself and was promoting it, it would have been further dismissed and people would claim I made it up or took it on some other lucky day. Someone else had to VERIFY the date and it appeared in the photographer's backyard, a person who had the camera and was used to skyscape photography! What was she doing with the camera on that specific afternoon and why did she send me the pictures if we weren't expecting something?!!!!!!!! No way was this an accident. PLUS it's the same imagery in the "Revelation Book". Somebody look it up and publish it (Watchtower Observer had the imagery but went down for now). I'm kinda busy right now, but somebody can look up "subliminal art" and find the image of the sleeping black man's face in the palm of Christ. I'll explain the meaning later. In the meantime, I'll do my best to make some decent outlines with Paint -- I don't have PhotoShop! Just give me a little time to find all this stuff. Thanks.

    See ya later!!!


  • Honesty

    There is a cactus that grows in Arizona and New Mexico that has little buds on it that will make a person talk in a very similar manner as JC if it is crushed, loaded into a bong and smoked..

  • Hellrider

    JC, this whole phenomenon has a name: It`s called

    pareidolia (payr.eye.DOH.lee.uh) n. The erroneous or fanciful perception of a pattern or meaning in something that is actually ambiguous or random`s actually quite common. The mind is constantly looking for patterns, to try and make sense of the world around us. In doing so, it sometimes interprets things erroneously, you saw Jesus in the skies, I`ve seen Satan in the bottom of my coffee mug. Nothing really strange about that.

    And you also mentioned that the WT had this picture. That may be so. Those guys collect all sorts of pictures, to use in their publications. You can read some about that here:

    freeminds is an excellent site, btw

  • JCanon
    So, did something happen in 1994 that I don't know about?

    All the signs Jesus talked about including his secretive second coming as a thief was to happen before 1994. The kingdom occurs quietly at first so there would have been nothing of a "great observableness" nature that would have tipped you off unless you were part of the kingdom, in which case, you would have seen the "sign of the son of man" in the heavens.


  • TonyT
    Revelation 1:7

    Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, including those who pierced him. All the tribes of the earth will mourn over him. Even so, Amen. (WEB)

    Can this be more clear or should we parse it in such a way as to apply to a select group of 6 million who had to be told that they could "see" him?

  • JCanon

    Funkyderek: There's nothing there. Unusually for a picture of cloud formations, there's nothing there that even remotely resembles anything. Could you perhaps use Photoshop to draw an outline around what you imagine you see there.

    Okay, don't laugh at my hasty outline in "Paint" of this, but this is it. I'm posting this so all of you will get a big laugh and be amused. But as brief history, this is a scan of a photograph and I think the smaller image is clearer to see. As the 7th anniversary of the secnod comnig sign approached, a skyscape phototrapher who was in contact with me was given the specific date and time and expecting perhaps another sign to appear photographed her sky from 3-6 p.m. on this date. At one point, these three images came together which I recognized as the sleeping black child and the descending dove. Obviously the dove descending from heaven relates to the holy spirit in dove's form seen by John when Jesus was baptized. But please note, this is not simply a bird's head, nor a bird sitting on a wire. This is the entire bird with wings spead in a manner of descent in a direct line toward a body that appears to be coming out of a lake of fire. Now Israel, who is pictures by the "prodigal son" being rejected until the last moment is said to be like a "log snatched out of the fire" (Zech 3). Thus you see the incredible depiction of a fiery river that can't be missed and a stiffened body that seems to be rising out of the river in a parallel manner. The body is wrapped like a mummy as if it were thrown into the fire presumed dead. In this way, it's much like a log, now rising out of the fire.

    A trivial note on this is that I didn't know what that really meant at first. I recognized the sleeping black child's face and knew what that meant plus the dove. But this figure in the lower right hand corner puzzled me. So I got some help from "others" as to what it meant.

    The sleeping black child represents the concept that the prodigal son is dead when he leaves God's house before returning back home. Thus this is a child about to come back to life, being saved at the last moment like the log being snatched out of the fire and relates to the Messiah's second coming because it is as high-priest Joshua who represents the prodigal son with befouled garments who must get clean new garments. The befouled garments represent the Messiah's past sins as an imperfect man and leaving God as the prodigal son. But when he returns, the Father is so pleased he has returned he rejoices and puts him ahead of the older, faithful son and gives him a banquet. This is the same parallel to the Father giving the Messiah the private wedding feast. Note he also puts royal sandals on his feet and a ring on his hand and also gives him new robes, "the best one", meaning the "robes of state", the robes of the princely heir, the robe of the first-born. Thus again, the younger son is chosen over the older, like Jacob is chosen over Esau.

    Per Acts, since the Ethiopian eunuch was baptized in a similar manner as Christ, saying "What is preventing me from getting baptized" (Christ told John "stop preventing me" and because the Etiopian eunuch was reading Isa. 53 which is about the physical form of the second coming Messiah, his physical nature, the the blackness of the sleeping child relates to his being a black man in appearance. For those reading that into all this, they believe that the Messiah would be an ordinary man who leaves God's house, that is, a witness who gets disfellowshipped for a while and after experiencing the world with disappointment tries to return to God, willing to do anything for God's favor again, even as a slave, not as a son. But instead, the Father gives him the highest honor because "there is more joy in heaven over a sinner who repents than in the 99 who did not sin", etc.

    So this is what the three-part sign is about in direct relationship to the second coming messiah including his being 1) black, the prodigal son and thus undergoing spiritual death just before becoming the Messiah thus a sleeping/dead child being brought back to life at the last minute, like a log snatched out of the fire. The prodigal son Messiah is the high-priest now king Joshua who is connected with the log being snatched out of the fire as if he had been snatched out of the trash, a dumpster, with filthy clothes.

    Now that's the theory behind the three symbolisms in the clouds which was seen by all the anointed and it appears (I believe) on page 98 of the "Revelation Book" where you see the sleeping black face in the hand of Jesus next to a bird-like figure. If anybody has the Revelation Book and want to scan it that would be wonderful. I have it somewhere on some disk but not handy and "Watchtower Observer" is down which also had it where I used to link. It's a mockery in the Revelation Book of anointed ones who believed that Christ would come in the form of an ordinary man at the second coming. I won't go into that here, but the second wave offering is WITH LEAVEN, the first without relating to UNFERMENTED CAKES relates to Jesus' SINLESS BODY, so what do you think the second wave offering of two loaves with leaven would relate to? The imperfect second coming, right? Thus those looking for the physical Messiah knows he must be a witness, and is a black man who had the life of the prodigal son and the "sign of the son of man" reflects those things.

    This is why in Matthew 24 it says, "Where the CORPSE is, so the eagles will be". So the bird could be a dove or an eagle. The CORPSE relates to the body of Christ which dies during the prodigal son exploration phase and they "beat themselves in lamentation" over the Messiah because they see this spiritual death take place, but he is brought back at the last moment. NOW THINK! Why at the second coming are they crying over a DEAD MESSIAH? WHY? If Jesus was resurrected already and a the powerful Michael the Archangel again! Why is he dead again at the second coming? HE isn't really, but the body he uses at the second coming as the prodigal son dies. His "impalement" on the broadways of "Sodom" and "Egypt" relate to his being an Ethiopian eunuch.

    Anyway, hope you can see the figures okay and this helps. I know some will discount the figures but funny to me I have a photograph of them taken on a specific date, what are the odds of that. Plus the image of the sleeping black child is in dark clouds! How ingenius was that to depict his blackness? The river of fire in the clouds is also magnificent "cloud art" as well. Well, I'm impressed.

  • JCanon
    Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, including those who pierced him. All the tribes of the earth will mourn over him. Even so, Amen. (WEB)

    Can this be more clear or should we parse it in such a way as to apply to a select group of 6 million  who had to be told that they could "see" him?

    Please note that "every eye" that sees him will mourn over him. And, why pray tell would they mourn over the Christ? What is there to mourn over?

    Thus, as you noted, apparently those who mourn over him are sympathetic with him and recognize him and thus they are his followers.

    Second he is "coming in the clouds" and thus they see him in the clouds. HOW? Cloud art! What they see is his face in the clouds! That's the "sign of the son of man" his face. Thus they all see him.

    "Every eye will see him" relates to each one being shown this "sign of the son of man" in the clouds on the one hand. On the other, they get to see him either personally or on TV. When it says that his appearance is "like lightening" that can be seen from horizon to horizon, it means he will be seen in just a brief flash but over a large area. This is afforded by a television cameo appearance on national TV. That's how it's fulfilled. I know it sounds funny! But that's how he is seen from horizon to horizon by anyone who has a TV who was watching at that precise time (actually, there were about 3 or 4 reruns, so any time the show was run, but you get the idea.)

    The "mourn him" because at this time, he is out of God's favor and a "dead" man, a CORPSE. But as the Bible says, the "eagles" would be watching over this corpse: "Where the CORPSE is, so the eagles will be." So they mourn him when he leaves god as the prodigal son as they await until he is brought back to life when he returns. This is about the physical person whose body Christ takes up at the second coming. And why? Because his own perfect body from the first time is given up forever for man's sins! He can hardly use it again. And since he doesn't have to be a perfect man at the second coming, he just borrows the body of one of his followers. It's just that simple. Some volunteer. The prodigal son person feels ashamed and runs back to God with hat in hand saying, "Oh please, just let me do anything! I'll be a slave, clean toilets, whatever, just let me back. To be the least person in your favor is better than all the world has to over." And God thinks, "Aha, a live one wanting to do anything for a second chance. Perhaps. I have this opening for somebody to do a lot of work as the MESSIAH, so you're it!"

    So in this way, what is "low has become high, and what is high (the over-righteous GB of JW) becomes low!" The "stone the bulders rejected (the prodigal son) becomes the chief of the corner!" All's all in scripture.

    On a larger scale though, it's possible this will have a worldwide fulfillment when Christ is revealed to the world. They will all see him then and will cry over him because when he appears to the world he will be here to destroy it. So you can have it either way. The scriptures get fulfilled.


  • JCanon
    Don't you get it? The fact that JCanon can see something there proves that he's the Messiah.

    If only you have faith, you can see it too.

    Sorry that's not it. Whether I claim to be the true Messiah or just a decoy Messiah, the doctrinal basis for the second coming is there in scripture. You don't have to agree. So let's forget about me and just look at the key texts of who the Messiah is SUPPOSED to be.

    1. Zech 3, the messiah as high-priest Joshua who is now being crowned as king. This is the second coming, not the first since this is about a king-priest. But Zechariah has befouled garments? Why? They represent his past sins now forgiven because he gets new robes. How can the Messiah, innocent and pure, have sins? Answer, this is not the first coming Messiah who is perfect and sinless but the second who is full of past sins.

    2. Compare the WAVE OFFERINGS NOW in the precise different natures of the body of Christ at the first (Passover) and second (Pentecost) comings. The first with all about unleavened bread. And what does unleavened bread represent? Oh everybody knows it is Christ's SINLESS body because leaven represents sin. But what about the second wave offering? Two loaves with leaven. How can we apply that to Christ's body if it is sinless? Answer is that this is the second coming not the first. The two wave offerings contrast the nature of Christ's physical body at the first and second coming. Thus we know by symbolism that the second coming is "with leaven". Christ is in the same type of body as all his followers are as they say so...1 John 3:2 "We do know that whenever he is made manifest we shall be like him, because we shall see him just as he is." Now please note Christ in an imperfect body with past sins fits the messiah context of Joshua the king-priest at the second coming being forgiven many sins.

    3. Now fast forward to the "new robes of state" being given to Joshua and the new robes given to the prodigal son whom the Father is honoring with a banquet and slaughtering the fattened bull. This is the same feast as the "wedding feast" of the Messiah, a father giving the son a private feast. But he also gives him new robes and not just any but the finest, "the best one" meaning he becomes the heir. He also gets sandals on his feet and a ring on his hand. How Messianic does this have to be? But the "new robes" are the link to Zechariah 3. Thus the prodigal son is Joshua. Joshua presenting now with befouled garments is the prodigal son returning home at which time God grants him the messiahship over his older brother. They are all connected. The Bible emphasizes this THREE TIMES with three parables about the "lost sheep" and the "lost Drachma coin". That "lost sheep" is the Messiah. When Christ said, "If you do it to the least of these my brothers you do it to me." He meant specifically that he would be the LEAST! God made the LEAST the greatest. It is not a passing statement when God says at Daniel 4:17, to send a clear message to the nations and the world.... " 17 By the decree of watchers the thing is, and [by] the saying of holy ones the request is, to the intent that people living may know that the Most High is Ruler in the kingdom of mankind and that to the one whom he wants to, he gives it and he sets up over it even the lowliest one of mankind.” The lowliest of mankind? What does that mean? An idle chant? Christ was the son of King David, in what way was he the "lowliest of mankind"? He was a perfect man, a great teacher and healer! No, this is about the kingship, the second coming! When God implants Jesus into the body of the prodigal son, a man with many past sins whom God must forgive to make him the Messiah at the second coming.

    4. Finally, Leolaia, how do you reconcile this! When Satan is kicked out of heaven, the woman representing Christ's secret followers have flee to a secret place where the Devil cannot get at them directly. He tries to drown them with propaganda though, but they don't listen because their faith is in the Bible, the solid truths that are like earth that swallows up the rivers of propaganda. But there she is giving birth to the Messiah who is 'caught up to God'. But wait! Wasn't that Jesus, Michael the Archangel already up in heaven and just kicked Satan out of Heaven? Yup! So how is it that the Messiah is just being born now by this earthly woman and yet he is a powerful angel in heaven? Are there two messiahs? YES! At this point they are. But they are combined! Thus the woman giving birth to the Messiah shows that Christ takes up the body of one of his secret followers. Her giving birth to the messiah means one of her members becomes the Messiah. We've learned above more details about him, but this is what is being illustrated. Two Messiahs at this critical point when Christ takes up the body of the prodigal son, Joshua with befouled garments. Using the "prodigal son" as the Messiah was God waking someone from the dead, or taking someone out of the trash (a dumpster) to clean them off and make them the messiah. Get it? The Messiah at the second coming manifests in a physical, imperfect body, not his perfect one forever given away in sacrifice. That's how it works out. And the "sign of the son of man" in the clouds is cloud imagery of the face of a sleeping black child to represent the nature of the second coming, seen by every one of the anointed who is looking for the correct Messiah.

    5. Finally, there's the chronology of exactly WHEN he has to arrive that I've gone over a thousand times or more, but basically 1) 45 years after the "end of the gentile times" to fulfill 1335 days, meaning 45 years after the Jews regain Palestine. 2) Within a year of mid-70th week Passover to "end gift and sacrifice" during the last days, that Passover of the 70th week being April 6, 1993. Those two combined give a 4-month window for the Messiah between November 30, 1992 and April 6, 1993. 3) Finally 2520 years from the fall of Jerusalem to fulfill the "7 times". Believe revised ancient records if you want, but there are now academic besides Biblical reasons to believe the original fall of Jerusalem was much later than either the witnesses or the suriviving records claim, that is, not in 607BCE or 587BCE but in 529BCE. You can extract that dating directly from the VAT4956 which double-dates year 37 of Nebuchadnezzar to 511BCE! Why don't you look it up yourself? At any rate, 529BCE minus 2520 years is the sae as #1 and #2.

    This is what the BIBLE teaches about the second coming of JESUS CHRIST. If you're not looking for this Messiah or somebody like him, then you're looking for the wrong Messiah, not the Biblical Messiah. And don't worry, everybody will understand and believe at some point all these things, I can see it happening now. But it will be too late for the majority. The photograph of the sign reproduced likely was in respose to the request, after the tree failed to produce after there years, to give it one more year, cultivate it and provide more fertilizer, so a little "sign" beyond the scriptures was provided to convince a few stragglers, likely who had seen the sign themselves.

    As you can see, with this much clarity, wiggling out of a denial later on is going to be extremely difficult it not impossible....


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