Do any jw pubs say "Due time has approached" ala Luke 21:8?

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  • JCanon
    e.g., JCanon woke up in a dumpster, became Jesus Christ, saw a cloud formation in the sky
    I`ve had those Sunday mornings too (damn you, Jack Daniels)

    Hey, everybody has their delusions and flights of grandeur but this is BIBLICAL! Matthew 24 requires that at the second coming the "sign of the son of man" was to appear!!! This was similar to John the Baptist who though accepting Christ already was given a sign from heaven to confirm that Jesus was the Messiah. So if Christ really did appear in 1992 then the "sign of the son of man" should have appeared as well.

    Well, it did. The"sign" was in the form of "cloud sign"! Ha, ha! But what is nice about that is that you can photograph cloud art!!!! 7 years later this sign appeared again and was photographed!!! I have copies of it! And here it is!!!! The SIGN OF THE SON OF MAN!!! Do you want proof? You wanna see it? Huh? Huh?!!!!! Well here it is!!! Let's see you DENY THIS!!!!

    Oops! Got my gambling lucky-I'm-the-Messiah "signs" mixed up with gambling wins!!!.........Sorry!!!

    I'm SOOOOO COFUSED about all this!!!

    I need help! I need medications! Better yet. I NEED A DRINK!!!


  • heathen

    1914 was pivotal date but the only thing the WTBTS convinced me of is that they were a false prophet since they claimed christ was going to start the millenial reign and then when it didn't they continued to pick dates that proved false then they decided on the invisible reign . I think they lost all credibility when they joined the UN as an NGO in the 90's . I still don't think they told the truth over this library card crap .Even if I was a dubby I would have called it quits on that one .

  • ithinkisee
    1991 and November 30, 1992 the man of lawnessness must be revealed

    I was accepted to Bethel in that span of time .... so maybe I'm the man of lawlessness?

    1991 was when the Society joined the UN .....

    I think I'm connecting the dots JC.


  • funkyderek


    Let's see you DENY THIS!!!!

    There's nothing there. Unusually for a picture of cloud formations, there's nothing there that even remotely resembles anything. Could you perhaps use Photoshop to draw an outline around what you imagine you see there.

  • carla

    Sorry I skipped jc cannons stuff.

    Jw's always say 'now is the due time' and will always use the 'new light' and we are only men we make 'errors' or 'mistakes' as an excuse. It seems to me that jw's are very anxious about the end. Jesus did say not to be anxious, also said there would always be wars, poor and the like. Do jw's ever read a whole book of the Bible (New Test.) begining to end? It would seem to me that would give them a different perspective. Well, maybe not if they are only reading the NWT. If they would even compare some of their own KIT to the NWT! carla

  • Hellrider

    LoL, I can understand you got scared and had a biblical vision, waking up in a dumpster with a hangover from hell, and that dark cloud in the sky, JC. I think I`ve had those myself, I used to drink hard thru my late teens and most of my twenties. But you still didn`t answer the real question: Do you believe you are the Messiah? I saw in that other thread:

    ...that you claim to personally know (the new/reborn) Peter, Daniel and John:

    So it's interesting that besides seeing Paul, who had never died, I had some personal contact with the new Peter and the new Daniel. So I know who the modern Peter and Daniel are, and I was aware of this before I...well....before the second coming

    ...I`m also curious as to how you decided who was who: Did you go camping, sit around the bonfire, roasting marshmallows, and pull straws, or did one of you just decide? "Ok, you be John, you Peter, you Daniel, I`ll be Jesus Christ"...(I sure would have liked to be fly on the wall when that happened).

    But the main question: Do you believe you are the Messiah?

  • heathen

    I can't seem to make anything out of the cloud picture either . I know from first hand tho that something is definately going on with the clouds and christs return . I also think there are people trying to produce fake signs in the clouds . The bible says in several places that God likes to hang out in the clouds , he did so with ancient Israel and their march accross the desert and jesus is supposed to return in the clouds , there are supposed to be great signs and portents prior to his arrival but every eye is supposed to be able to see it .

  • Leolaia
    I can't seem to make anything out of the cloud picture either .

    Don't you get it? The fact that JCanon can see something there proves that he's the Messiah.

    If only you have faith, you can see it too.

  • heathen

    Jcanon is now claiming to be the messiah ? YIKESssssssssssss I believe and see nothing ... Ohh well ..................... Jeeze I need a life ........................ I do know people have called me a looney for seeing things in the clouds before so that part of it is possible as far as I'm concerned . I mean I'm not talking about finding the virgin mary in a taco here either .........

  • Neo

    The oldest WT publication that said "the due time has approached" (NWT's word choice) in its title is "The Time is At Hand," presented here in two different hard covers:

    THE TIME IS AT HAND, Millennial Dawn vol 2, 1907 ed. 404 thousand printing


    It was Part II of the "Studies in the Scriptures" book series (aka "Millennial Dawn"). The book can be read at

    Compare to the American Standard Version's rendering of Luke 21:8:

    And he said, Take heed that ye be not led astray: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am he; and, The time is at hand: go ye not after them.


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