Being pressured to goto meetings,

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  • rebel8

    crankytoe, check out my phone sex thread. Have you visited the official WT site to find out what you can't do if you become a JW? And that's the glossed over version that the public sees. The actual rules are worse.

    OK, I will leave you alone now. :)

  • Sunspot

    When I first began studying, I had accepted this "free home bible study" with the understanding that I would not be "going to church". I had two bad experiences with two different churches, and I really wanted to learn what was in my bible (as they promised to do) but they both knew how I felt about being made to GO to any church.

    So of course, in due time, the "invitations" and the pushing to go to eetings started, and eventually I caved in and went. I'm not only sorry about attending those meetings---but for even starting that blasted bible study in the first place.

    Tell them that al you want to DO is learn what is in the bible.....and be done with it! Keep digging your heels in, and they will lose interest in seeing that you know all that lifesaving knowledge that they have said they would teach you!


  • Buster

    I'll tell you how get them to ignore you:

    - Commit yourself completely to their cause - go to the hall, get baptised, the whole enchilada

    - THEN tell them you don't feel like going and that you have some doubts about this whole 'Faithful and Discrete Slave' thing

    They will leave you alone with a vehemence.

  • lowly one
    lowly one


    Since i 'do not' have any legal obligation to respond to your question what is in it for me, $$$$.

  • kid-A


    The best time to RUN is NOW!!!

  • Will Power
    Will Power

    tell them you are praying for direction
    and that the divine feedback you are getting
    is to :

    a) stay away
    b) make sure of all things & you were steered the research of 607 bc
    c) you haven't finished reading the FINISHED MYSTERY
    d) .....


  • AlmostAtheist

    They aren't ever going to back off. In their eyes, you aren't saved from the coming destruction yet, and the time is running out. With your best interests in mind, they will hound and hound you to get you to come to meetings, then hound and hound you to go out in service, then join the Theocratic Ministry School, then... They themselves are constantly hounded to do more, do more, so that's all they know.

    The only escape is to cut them off. If you want to study the Bible, there are probably 10 churches within a 5 minute drive that will happily study with you. Many of those won't even try to force you to accept their interpretations, but would welcome your views. As teachers of their doctrine, JW's are excellent. As teachers of the actual Bible, they are miserable. You could hardly help but to learn more from another group. (I'd hate to have to count the number of "Bible" studies I conducted where I led the student to believe what the Watchtower said without any support from the Bible.)

    "This has been fun, Guys, but I think it's time that I stop my study."

    "Did someone encourage you to stop?"

    "No, I just want to stop. Thanks for coming by. Have a good day." <-- might seem rude, but you gotta be firm or they'll be back.


  • Elsewhere

    As Nancy Reagan said: Just Say No!

    When asked why I won't go, I would just say: I just don't feel like it. [Period]

    If they pressure you, just say: Wow, this is making me nervous, you are really sounding a lot like a high-control cult.

    I'd love to hear their response to the question of: "Are you saying that god will kill me if I don't go to the kingdom hall?"

  • crankytoe

    Wow thanks for all the replies! Now I have a list of new questions for another topic!

    I think I'll just say I'll go when I have the chance, and be more assertive,

    Hey, keep an eye out for my new topic!

  • sunshine2

    Hi crankytoe,

    as you have probably read in all the posts above, they will never let go. The Watchtower Society preaches, that interested ones have to brought to the organization as soon as possible.........the meetings are their lifeline ........ it's a MUST.

    You will soon find out that what you are studying is not the Bible, but the Society's interpretation of it. You will be studying their literature, as in the book you are studying now, the book they study in their bookstudy (don't know which one it is at the moment), their Watchtower, their books for the Service Meeting and so on.....for any research, of course, they will use many other Watchtower books.

    They will make you believe, that their's is the only true religion and that you will be damned if you don't join......I don't want to discourage you or tell you not to study with them, but beware of what this "study" all includes, if you were to do it their way......

    Bible study 1 hour plus 30 minutes preparation for it

    Bookstudy 1 hour plus 30 minutes prepartaion for it

    Sunday Meeting 2 hours plus 30 minutes preparation for it (minimum)

    Theocratic Meeting almost 2 hours plus 1 hour preparation for it

    and to go along with the national average of monthly preaching, which is about 10 hours a month, at least 2 hours a week, plus preparation for 30 minutes or so.

    That alone is 11 hours every week, not counting the driving time from and to the meetings and the time spent there "visiting".......and I'm sure you heard about conventions and assemblies.

    So beware!

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