Being pressured to goto meetings,

by crankytoe 42 Replies latest jw experiences

  • rebel8
    Those Jo Ho's are very busy boys and girls aren't they!

    LOL, one of my non-jw relatives loves to say when pressured to become a JW, "I don't have the time."

  • Legolas

    My gawd Cranky .....Do you want your life RUINED?

    Run as fast as you can AWAY from them!

  • mustang
    Ask them, how long will they continue with the FREE home study if you decide to never go to meetings?

    Usually this will bring things to a screeching halt, especially if you announce your intentions to do exactly that (and stick to it).

    I recall some times in the past, perhaps around the 1975 fiasco (I bailed in 1974) where it was felt that it was "too close to the end" to waste time on "unproductive studies".

    So, generally, the "quality" of a study effort is monitored for results to a greater or lesser degree.

    One possible exception: a pIONEER that is desperate for the "guaranteed hours" or a Bible Study might keep this going indefinitely.


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