OK, So I finally tried some Marmite.

by El Kabong 54 Replies latest jw friends

  • upside/down

    The Brits are known for their "fine" quisine...

    Mutton anyone?

    u/d(of the veggie spreads are just wrong class)

  • ohiocowboy

    YUMMY!!! I love Marmite! It is great on Bagels, English muffins, and toast. I also like making a very thin paste with it, and lightly drizzling it on asparagus, brussels sprouts, and other veggies. Great stuff, and good for you too!

  • ozziepost

    All together now, what do we want?

  • Legolas

    I don't even know what it is...LOL

  • ozziepost

    Yes, it's.........

  • Mary

    I'm with Legolas........I've never even heard of Marmite before but it's sounds pretty gross.

    It is made from sludge leftover from brewing beer.

    Um......okay, why would anyone want to put sludge on their toast? The only thing that sounds grosser than Marmite is Hagis which is apparently made from all the parts of the sheep that the werewolf doesn't eat.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I've never heard of it either, but I'm of the opinion that you should try something before dissing it--well, I would have to say surstromming (spelling?) would be an exception. :-)

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Ohio Cowboy I elect you to bring some marmite to the Texas fest in Oct. I dearly LOVE salt, and can eat most anything execpt onions. We will see what the Texas folks think about it. How many jars do you think we will need? Will a dozen do? Does it go well with BBQ? Can we dip our Lamb fries in it? Stir it into our chili? Does it go well with Squirrl Brains and gravy? HL

  • sunshine2

    I tried it once....some special pioneer sisters had it out in service and I HAD to eat one......it was not too bad, but they put way too much on the bread......maybe on toast with butter and then a little on it, might not be so bad. But I'm ok if I never have to eat it again.

  • Angharad

    Passes El Kabong a sick bag

    Marmite is evil in a pot

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