Who here gives to the homeless?

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  • undercover

    I give to charities that clothe, feed and shelter people truly in need.

    I don't give bums standing on the side of the road one damn penny.

    When working construction years ago, we would stop when we would see a guy with a "will work for food" sign and tell him that we would buy his lunch, dinner, give him a place to sleep, breakfast and lunch next day, and some cash all for working two days doing grunt work at a construction site. Never had one take us up on the offer.

    I've had guys walk up to me at gas stations and tell me some sob story of being two dollars short of buying medicine or something similar....all the while, a cigarette was dangling out of their mouths. One guy was smoking and holding a liter bottle of soda and gave me the sob story that he couldn't afford to buy antibiotics for his little girl. I just looked at him and said, "I guess if you hadn't bought them cigarettes or that soda, you would have had the money, huh? Now get lost."

    The reason bums stand on corners begging for stuff is because people give em stuff. If everyone stopped giving them handouts, they wouldn't do it. There are programs in place to help people who need it. But to be helped, people have to want to help themselves. And to do that, they have to go find the places that will help. But to many of them, they're too lazy or sorry to do that, so they stand on the corner begging and eat the food given to them and drink the money given to them and then go sleep under some trees somewhere. I refuse to enable them to do that.

  • katiekitten
    When working construction years ago, we would stop when we would see a guy with a "will work for food" sign and tell him that we would buy his lunch, dinner, give him a place to sleep, breakfast and lunch next day, and some cash all for working two days doing grunt work at a construction site. Never had one take us up on the offer.

    Thats really interesting UC. Ive always wondered about those guys with that sign.

    You are so right, if people want to improve their situation, they have to be willing to put some effort in themselves.

    I think about England that if you cant make it in our country you must really be a lazy runt. We have every kind of help for every kind of down and out. These people would be eaten by the lions in some third world countries.

    I should stop feeling sorry for these pavement dwellers, and redirect my sympathy to people who live in real grinding poverty and slavery in third world countries.

    I once gave someone (who I thought was a friend) hundreds of pounds to get set up with a flat and some furniture after he left prison. He didnt pay his rent (which he was actually given money to pay for by social services) until he was evicted, and was homeless. I felt so poweless. He wheedled so much out of me. What a fool I am!

  • prophecor
    Prophecor, you were homeless?

    For a brief momentary period of my life, yes KK. I was witness to the what it is you must go thru to keep yourself alive in the system. From January 10, 1994 until August 1st of the same year. In and out of various homeless shelters, halfway houses and mental health respites.

    There's a wealth of places here in the Philadelphia area that are willing to help those who are truly willing to help themselves, unfortunately, there are those who wish to bleed the system dry and try to work around it, continuing in the same energy that caused them to be homeless in the first place. It's an entire subculture that exist out there. Contrary to popular opinion, however, everyone in the system is not there because of drug / alcohol / and mental illness. many are there because of relationships having gone south, the loss of one's job, unassociated with substance abuse, as well as for folks just giving up on themselves as well as having been given up as lost by thier families. The most disheartening thing to see these days are the women who are becoming a part of the homeless population, along with mothers with thier chidren.

    There is help available to anyone that want's it. Though you may have to suffer the ignomy of having to be stereotyped, disrespected in many instances because you won't always be able to keep a good face on when homeless, finding public places to quickly and subtly wash yourself off, train stations, malls and other places like that, running to get yourself to the nearest feeding station as you wait in long lines of folks who are in desperation just like you, but even in all that, I was still able to be witness to beauty that was struggle, and come to realize how adaptable we as humans really are. And how resillient. We can take a lot more than many of us would ever give ourselves credit for. You hear folks say, " Oh I could never do that " in the middle of a moment in desperation, you'd be surprised to realise just what it is you can & will do!

    I learned more in those 8 months about myself, than could be done in any other situation.

    There's a world out there willing and at the ready to help those who are homeless, but it takes determination to get thru the system, that can be seen as a huge beast to those who can often take the victim role. I was determined enough to say, " I'm going to jump in here, and do it once and get it over with, I'm not going to be a revolving door statistic, I'm going to try and never be placed in this situation, again " That was my mind set for those 8 or so months. Even if I should find myself in a situation as such again, I know there's help, and I know I could handle it.

    It was one of the greatest learning experiences of my adult life. At the end of the game, I was blessed with my first apartment, a beautiful place with hardwood floors and just a wonderful envioronment. Section 8, and other programs were available to assist in continuing to ensure that I remained no longer a part of the homeless envioronment.

    There's help if the homeless want it bad enough. Most, if not all of them know the rules of engagement, it mostly comes down to whether or not you want to play fair or get played out.

  • LongHairGal

    I do not believe in giving money to "homeless" people. I have several times in the past but no more.

    Many years ago when a token was 90 cents I was walking down 5th and looking in a window when I was approached from behind by a soft spoken young man with a British accent carrying a duffel bag. He asked me if I had 90 cents or a token to give him. He looked like a traveler in distress so I gave it to him. A year or so later I was looking in the exact same window when I heard the same voice ask me the same question. I turned in surprise and said to him: "you already got me once already, why don't you go get a job". He said to me, "well fuck you..." and walked away.

    I have a problem with the term homeless. As far as I am concerned, the term homeless means somebody whose house burned down or who suffered some emergency. The term now has come to encompass drug addicts, mentally ill (who belong in institutions) plus a few others. (Have any of you had to run from a mentally deranged homeless person? Well, I have).

    When I was growing up, most of the "homeless" would be called bums! What particularly bothers me is that most of these drug addicts are products of the welfare system and social programs that turned into a nightmare. My taxes paid for this!!

    I am not supporting or contributing to anybody's vice!!!

  • GetBusyLiving

    I gave a guy a bag of beef jerky once.


  • katiekitten

    GBL, you can give me some beef jerky anyday...

  • Buster

    If you give money to bums, you can expect more bums.

    In many urban and suburban areas, they are trained and organized. They receive instruction on how and when to make eye contact and how forward they should be. They work 'their corners' in shifts. Their bleeding-heart enablers pick them up and drop them off. They're a blight and they get not a dime or a doughnut from me.

  • Tigerman

    There are some real cold people on this board. Maybe you all should go back to ' witnessing' for the Society.

  • Buster


    But perhaps the bleeding-heart types that give money to bums on the street are at least partly responsible for having bums on the streets - they should be so proud.

  • Tigerman

    Buster . . .wouldn't you want me to help you if you were in need?

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