Who here gives to the homeless?

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  • Leolaia

    As a general rule I do not give money to people on the street. I do however try to give food. Several years ago I had a weekly doctor's appointment in the city and there are so many homeless there that my usual seven-block walk through the city would involve at least 3 personal encounters with people asking for money (now it is not unusual to meet 3 or 4 such people in 1-2 blocks, each asking for money). I would bring some food with me, usually fruit, sometimes a sandwich, and give it to the first two people, and then tell the third or fourth that sorry I ran out of food. Eventually that got to be too much expense or effort for a walk through the city and I stopped having my appointments there anyway. More recently in my own neighborhood I have done things like, if I see someone, buy a bigger sub sandwich for lunch and give the person the other half (or a small size sandwich, different kind) but I've only done that twice so far....

  • prophecor

    I take issue with the ones who stand and wait at the Gas Station to bum for change, or offer themselves as slaves to pump my gas for whatever meager donation I might be able to afford. I also have a problem when persons flock in front of the liquor store to submit donations for thier libations, especially in front of the local beer joints called STOP & GOs here in this neck of the woods. Bums are those for whom I can not support, for any reason, whatsoever. I will help those who may, at the very least, appear to be down on thier luck.

  • LongHairGal

    Dear Prophecor:

    I am glad to hear that you got yourself out of the predicament you were in. I just want to stress that I am not necessarily always a hard-hearted hannah and if I ever did help somebody it would be somebody who fell on hard times. But you know as well as I do that there is a proliferation of every type of person asking for handouts for every goddamn thing (especially here in NY). Believe me, I have seen it ALL! Years back I was on the shuttle to Grand Central in a car which was full of them! I felt like I was in a B-movie like Night of the Living Dead! Boy was I scared!

    The ones you describe who want to pump your gas might be described as aggressive panhandlers. They are more dangerous as far as I am concerned. You are a man however and could fight them off. But why should you have to? Suppose you just had enough money to pay for your gas!! This is unrelenting harrassment and nobody should have to face this every step of the way!!!

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