Who here gives to the homeless?

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  • whyamihere
    I do not insult them with spare change

    I don't necessarily think it's insulting to give them some spare change. It's better than what they had before, nothing, and they can at least get a sandwich or a cup of coffee.

    Well, for me I view it as an insult. That's just me, because I know I can give more than that. I think people do it just to feel less guilty or feel better. Homeless people are not a toll booths that you drop your change and leave. They are humans with feelings. I give my time as well as my money. What people do is their own business...I am just glad that some people care and not just ignore it.


  • sonnyboy
    That's just me, because I know I can give more than that.

    What do you do when you're walking down the street and every homeless person asks for something?

    The Inner Harbor is a popular tourist attraction in Baltimore, and there's a homeless person on every bench asking for a handout. If they're not happy with a dollar or a few quarters, well, that's all I can afford. That's one more soda that they wouldn't have had otherwise.

    The change does add up. I put a few quarters in one guy's cup and saw that he had more money on him than me!

  • Tigerman

    I buy 'em cold beer. They love me.

  • the_classicist

    Poor people in Vancouver are violent drug addicts or they have severe mental problems. If you give them money, they'll usually attack you for more.

    And the government, of course, does nothing about it. They closed all the mental hospitals (except for the ones that couldn't be regulated by medication) and let all of the mental patients on the street. Everyone felt all warm and fuzzy inside, but most of these people ended up homeless and taking drugs.

  • damselfly
    Poor people in Vancouver are violent drug addicts or they have severe mental problems. If you give them money, they'll usually attack you for more.

    I agree with this, I used to never give out change in East Van, it was too dangerous, or even make eye contact for that matter. If they were on Granville or out in the 'burbs then I would share my lunch, or whatever change I had.


  • katiekitten

    Prophecor, you were homeless?

    Then you are the best person to advise on this subject.

    I am soft hearted, but dont always give money. But when I dont I feel totally selfish and cruel, knowing I have money in my pocket, food in my fridge, and a safe warm bed to sleep in.

    I know all the arguments about 'they will only use it on drink and smokes', and I think to myself arent they allowed the same vices as the rest of us, id probably want a drink and a smoke if I was homeless. On the other hand, i resent seeing young men sat on the pavement doing nothing. They are the strongest members of society - they are never going to have more strength than when they are young adults - its only ever going to get harder. They should be using all their energy now to turn their situation around, not sitting on the pavement. Then I feel guilty for being so harsh in my mind. Who knows what its like to feel so powerless and worthless.

    Even when I give, you cant give to everyone. In Bristol you can pass 6 to 10 homeless people in 1/2 an hour. At some point on the journey you have to stop handing out those £ coins.

    I have also given food. But its not always possible to have food on you when you are shopping in town (6 to 10 bags of sandwiches??!!)

    I ease my conscience by sponsoring a child in Africa (its quite expensive), and by the fact that I support my mum, who has been poor all her life (I have given her a small sum of money every month for years).

    But I still feel awful when I walk past those homeless people. They have my deepest sympathy, I just dont know what to do about it.

  • PaulJ

    IN the Uk we have the Big Issue which i buy when i can. Other than that Im cautious of giving cash to the homeless, but have bought them food before.

  • katiekitten

    Of course Paul - I forgot about that. I think its a brilliant idea.

    I used to buy that regularly when I was at Uny in Bristol.

  • funkyderek

    I always think, if I give money to homeless people they're going to spend it on drugs or alcohol, and that's what I need it for!

  • katiekitten

    LMAO funkyderek!

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