When Did You Realize That You REALLY Were Going To Die?

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  • vitty

    Actually I was going to start a topic on this subject, I have been fading for over a year now and im finding it really difficult comming to terms with the fact that one day either my husband or I are going to die and one of us is going to be left!

    At the back of my mind I knew it wouldnt happen but I just felt it was like looking forward to a dream holiday, you never think it going to arrive but it does and thats how I felt about the new system.

    Ive become very morbid lately, aswell as enjoying my new freedom, I keep thinking when my aged parents die thats it. Its really hard.

    Its not my own imortality that hurts me its for the ppl I love.

  • Gill

    Thanks, GBL! Last time I cried for nearly two years over the same subject!

    This time, I've got a grip! (Only just)

    Vitty - I think that you have a point. The distress is not for ourselves but for the person that we lose. The sheer powerlessness, and loss is too immense and heartbreaking.

  • lola28

    May of 2004 when I came on this web-site.


  • Cygnus

    Well, doesn't this thread prove that apostates have nothing better to offer than the Witness' Biblical Hope For Mankind (c)?

    For me it was probably 6 or 7 years ago. The only time I really have faced my mortality was in the OR just before they put me to sleep for my heart operation. I said to the surgeon, just please make sure I wake up. "Had I did snuff it, I would not be here to tell the story I've told, oh my brothers."

  • jaffacake

    Never being a JW, I have always known I would die. I was taught as a catholic child that everyone must die. They were right then and are right now, at least about that!

    I asked the JW I studied with last month if the wages of sin is death, he agreed. Then does that mean some JWs believe they are without sin?

  • BrendaCloutier

    When 1975, 76, 77... passed and no armageddon. Seriously!

    Then in Nov 81 when I survived a suicide attempt and reaized I really could have died, I changed my life completely, leaving an abusive husband, and doing life-things I always wanted to do like sail, ski, etc., that my parents told me I couldn't do because of my "handicaps".

  • tetrapod.sapien

    i'm gonna die?

    i'm gonna die!!

    ...i'm gonna die...

    alrighty then, i'm gonna die.

  • Ingenuous

    Just a minute ago when I started reading this thread! {LOL} No, seriously...

  • Robert K Stock
    Robert K Stock

    September 1990 I finally understood the Watchtower was not God's Channel of Truth but a pack of lies. I then had a Heavenly hope with the Bible Students.

    April 1998 I accepted that the supernatural does not exist and there is no Heaven, no God, no spirit world. That is when I understood that I will die one day and cease to exist for eternity.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Part of me is still in denial. And who knows, maybe we do have a consciousness that lives on. If this is so, then perhaps we don't die, except for physically.

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