When Did You Realize That You REALLY Were Going To Die?

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  • Sassy

    Well........when I mentally made the choice never to go back to the KH, I figured I was giving myself a death sentence.. so I guess JULY 2003. But about two months later on here. reading and learning from you all, I realize they were messed up.. and although I will still die, it wasn't because of no longer being a JW.

  • undercover

    You mean.....we're NOT going to live forever??? Damn...and I was so sure too...

  • lonelysheep

    I never really believed I was going to live forever.

  • BluesBrother

    It was late nineties. Lots of things had happened and some that Istill dont want to post on the board. I was trying to make sense of it all when the penney dropped & it suddenly hit me. "It is not true" , "It is not true" "None of it , it is just not true" I kept saying over and over again.

    My initial feeling of liberation was followed by disappointment. I was not going to live in paradise and my personal dream of life in the New World was never going to happen. I was never going to see my dead mother again .

    Then the next stage, not only would I not have paradise, I was going to grow old, just like everybody else. I was going to someday die, and there would be no resurrection ... Jeesh! what a bummer. I had been conned... The disappointment was very very real....

  • NeonMadman

    I think it was when I heard the snap of the rope over my head and looked up to see the piano plummeting toward me...

  • Gill

    A few years back. It suddenly dawned on me that one day I would NEVER see or hold my husband again.

    We would NEVER ever know, see or be together and I would lose him forever.

    I thought I would never stop crying.

    Now I accept the inevitable.

    Now, we LIVE every day as if it was our last and we are finally very very very happy.

    That terrible day will come, but, not with the same awesome, dreadful shock and I hope there will be no regrets and nothing left unsaid.

    Got to go, ut's making me cry again.

  • minimus

    I don't know when but I do know that I always doubted the end was going to come in my lifetime.

  • GetBusyLiving



  • hibiscusfire

    We can live forever with God in heaven and enjoy a perfect life.


  • GoingGoingGone

    I always believed in the Paradise earth promise. When I stopped going to meetings about a year ago, I just KNEW I would die at Armageddon, although I had been pretty sure that I would die for about a decade.... ever since I started doubting the JW teachings. By researching things on the Net, I became convinced that the JW teachings were totally wrong, and the WTBTS was not God's channel of communication.... The relief I felt at knowing that there was no Armageddon right around the corner was absolutely amazing!!!

    So now, in my 40s, I have to start planning for retirement, for old age, and other things that I never ever thought about before. But I think it's wonderful anyway. I get to live! I get to see my kids grow up and see my grandchildren one day! A huge weight has been lifted from my mind.

    GGG (of the Enjoyin' Every Single Day Class)

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