Do you still remember the date of your baptism?

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  • mapleaf18

    7/8/78 (not hard to remember)

    DA'd MAY 2005!!! (took me long enough!!)

  • hibiscusfire

    Tetra: hib ,

    so you're not an ex-JW then?

    Nope whatever gave you that idea? I celebrate Christmas.

    I’m a born again Christian, Jesus believer. I was born into my faith, yet interacts with Hindus, muslims, catholics, JW’s, Anglicans, Presbyterians, Pentecostals, evangelists, once with two mormans.


  • TooOpinionated

    Year-1993, and ironically, on my "worldly" birthday of July 2.

  • joelbear

    July 23, 1973. 14 years old. blazing hot day. Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. did not answer questions because I thought i would be lying. said prayer to Jehovah during baptism prayer that he would make me a heterosexual. got undressed in Hank Aaron's dressing booth. got baptized

    noticed hot naked guys all around me, should have stayed in locker room longer.

  • Sunspot

    I was baptized at the Narragansett racetrack in Pawtucket RI on July 2, 1972. edited to add that I wrote my DA letter on October 11, 1999

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