Do you still remember the date of your baptism?

by JH 64 Replies latest jw friends

  • Dimples

    hmmmmm....can't remember? Guess it wasn't that important after all.


  • RichieRich

    bap: 7-17-2004

    Reproof: 3-2005

    DA: 4-2006

  • JH

    DA: 4-2006

  • drwtsn32

    Yeah, but only because it's easy to remember: 7-8-89.

  • dedpoet

    dunked on 25/07/92 da on 25/07/2005 sort of rounded things off nicely after 13 mostly unpleasant years

  • Stress Free
    Stress Free

    I probably could remember if I think hard enough about it, but I choose to forget.

  • tnangel73

    July 3rd, 1993

  • thom

    May 1984. I didn't pay attention to the day even then. Didn't mean much to me, I was getting baptized because I was 19 and "it was about time".

  • Es

    I know it was august 20 something and i only know this coz when i went to the convention last year i bumped into a friend who got baptized with me and she reminded me it was 10 years so in a couple of weeks it will be 11 years. es

  • orangefatcat

    1963 Oct. forced to become a JW, so I couldn't get confirmed in the church of England

    1964 dedicated myself

    August 11, 1967 baptized in Oshawa ontario on Thickson Rd in the Holiday Inn Swimming Pool, T hat summer the new book released was "Your Word is a Lamp unto my Foot/Feet? And an audio bible drama the Plagues of Egypt, And the talk, What will you be doing in 1975, will you still be in the "Truth"

    Disillusioned 1975

    Privately reproved 1988 for being drunk

    Public reproved 3 days later in 1988 April. same charges different night.

    Left my husband Dec. 24 1999 yabba dabba doo. 28 years it only took me to get the courage to LEAVE the FANATIC

    Disfellowshipped January. 10th 2000 for the nasty.

    Now I am free and will never ever ever go back to the JWs.

    1999 Fell in love, moved in with my new man,

    2001 August 4th we tied the knot.

    Now then,

    that is my life and I am sticking to it.

    Orangefatcat.. for any disputes call me..

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