Do you still remember the date of your baptism?

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  • PaulJ

    It was March 1993. I think it was the 12th or 13th at Bowes Road in London.

  • googlemagoogle

    i'd know if i think about it, but i don't really want to right now.

  • dorayakii

    16th of December 2001 at Surrey Assembly Hall (aka "Hayes Bridge")...

    Again it was because i was 18 and it was "about time"......

    I actually cried when i came out of the water. Everyone thought it was because i was so happy, but it was really because i was thinking "What the hell have i done?!?"...

    My whole family had turned up to see me, they'd all come from miles around... i just felt like such a hypocrite for convincing them that i believed something that i really thought was idiotic, but i didn't see any other way out. Since then the P/O of my cong has been stalking me to make me a Mini Servant.

    It was March 1993. I think it was the 12th or 13th at Bowes Road in London.
    Cool, Bowes Road, i was there last week for the French D/C... (in reality i was only there for about an hour at the beginning of each day, so people would see my face, lol)... Im moving to the French cong next month so my family have less of an eye on me, lol.
  • wanderlustguy

    December 10th 1989

  • Legolas

    Of course I do silly...You were supposed to put it in your Bible. LOL but I just had to go and look it up: June 21, 1997

  • pratt1

    August 9, 1973.

    One day after my 13th birthday.

    I was way too young, but I wanted to please everyone, except myself.

    District Assembly NY, I think at Belmont.

  • Legolas

    Yes I should have added that it was announced that me, my husband and daughter disassociated ourselves

    June 30, 2005!!!!

  • LouBelle

    I think it was 02 August 1992

    Defd date 16 June 2005

  • hibiscusfire

    I was 12 years old and I was wearing a yellow pretty dress. I got baptised in a river.


  • tetrapod.sapien


    so you're not an ex-JW then?

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