No longer here to irritate.

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  • Crumpet

    I am glad you said that GBL - but knew you were kidding, but still....

    Joking. I don't really want to see you in hell. Take care of yourself and your kiddies

  • kls

    Er .…This is The Jehovah’s Witness discussion forum

    Yes Trevor your are right, but not everyone wants to hear it constantly and how we don't know the truth.

  • Gill

    Hi Defd! I hope you'll change your mind and carry on posting. There's no need to leave. It's only normal and natural for people to disagree, and it doesn't mean folk aren't interested in your point of view. Many here probably thought as you do for a long time before they also moved on and realised the kind of lie they had become caught up in.

    Look at me, for instance. I no longer 'do' religion, the Bible, or anything to do with those and no one here would ever criticise me for that, even though they might be ardent believers of one religion or another. We just accept eachother and enjoy the written jousting that goes on. But the WTBTS has deceived us once and will not again. It takes a while to escape the spider's web and while trying to escape it seems that limbs will still be stuck in all those stickly lies that makes escaping very difficult, mentally.

    So, what ever disagreements you may have had with some, when we appear to laugh at your beliefs we are probably laughing at ourselves and the sad fact that we too used to believe the lies. You too are just a fly in the web. Keep wriggling, and good luck with your escape!


  • mrsjones5

    I wonder who you think have forsaken jehovah. I know some here that have have not forsaken God. You maybe confusing the two. Speaking for myself I accepted the Lord Jesus as my savior and was baptised last Palm Sunday. Just because I dont follow the society doesnt mean I dont believe in God or that I am evil and choose to raise my children without thought of God or with any moral basis. In your journey through life you will find that what the society told you about life outside and us "worldly" people is mostly untrue. Josie

  • mrsjones5

    i keep reading defd's so called final post and all I have to say about it is - is it a backhanded flipoff or what?

  • jgnat

    Oh. I was hoping from the title of the thread that defd was going to remove the irritating bit. As in, "I'll be here, but not to irritate." rather than "I won't be here, so you won't be irritated." I don't see the need to remove himself.

    I am sure another irritating person will come along soon who will irritate as well or better.

    What parting piece of advice could I give? Defd was well along his way of admitting the failings of the watchtower society. As a good society man, he was also quick to point out the failings of others. I would hope he will go looking for heroism and goodness in our old world. I hope he finds it.

  • Kenneson


    Best wishes in whatever you decide and do.

  • lawrence


    Hope you find peace, happiness, and Ray Franz's books.

  • Evanescence

    Darn, Defd, don't go!

    Have you no idea how rare it is to find jw's on the internet?

    Other than you there is another jw on and he is very mean!!!!!!! and he is an elder as well anyone thinks defd is bad this guy is worse!

    We all have different opinions and different views and are all unique, so don't feel bad.


  • Ellie

    Thats a shame, everyone is entitled to their opinion and it would be a boring world if we all agreed, I for one have been truly entertained by you.

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