No longer here to irritate.

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  • vitty


    I hope you read all these replies and reconsider your decision to leave. I for one like having you here and enjoy your posts. And I think youll agree most ppl want you to stay ( they like you too really )

    One thing I must say, you mentioned that you are thinking of leaving your now current KH. You must be having trouble there. Please remember it doesnt matter which KHs you attend they are all the same, the elders are the same the ppl are same, the lack of love and problems you may be experiencing will happen where ever you go.


  • Es

    all the best dfed, there is no need to leave but if thats what you gotta do. es

  • DannyBloem

    I wish you best Derrick,

    I see you still think of some who can not believe in God anymore as some sort of deamons. Luckely you are not the one to judge.

    Well I do not think the same of you, I think it is ok, if people have different opinions, So good luck.


  • DelTheFunkyHomosapien

    Pretty thin skinned Derrick I reckon. Had your faith shaken by any chance?

  • PaulJ

    All the best Derrick. Its a shame you feel you have to leave us. It was almost like you were one of the family, or at least a part of the furniture.

    In the name of all thats good i hope you carry on lurking and the temptation to post overcomes you!!!

    Regardless of nearly everone disagreeing with you in some degree, you at least got people thinking about things they might not have. For that you deserve a pat on the back.

    You know you are welcome back whenever you want. You will be welcomed back with open arms!!!

    All the best.


  • luna2

    Come back when you're ready, defd. The Witness world is kind of a sterile, stifling place to have to exist in. I think you'll miss being able to discuss anything and be exposed to different kinds of people and ideas. I'm sure you won't miss being the goat...that has to be hard.

    Go ahead and check out other congregations and see if it makes a difference. Sometimes that works for a while. I know several people in my first congegation who traveled from quite a distance to attend our Hall...their old congo must have been pretty bad because we had numerous problems of our own, compounded by Elder Dumbass/Stumbling Block. Guess just getting away from people who are prejudiced agains you helps. Of course, you can't get away from the lies and constant guilt-trips of the great and powerful FDS, but that's something we each have to discover on our own.

    Good luck to you.

  • stevenyc

    See ya soon, you know you'll be back.

    take care.


  • Evanescence

    Yes he will be back


  • LouBelle

    Derrick for one - I don't think you are a bad person. It's just that you believe you have the truth. A lot of us here have researched the religion and have come to the correct understanding of the organisation. Many of us don't want to be held hostage to the organisation. I was told if I left the organisation I was leaving Jehovah, now I know he doesn't work like that.

    Jer ch 10 or 19 says very clearly that ANYONE turning their attention to him, he will make himself known to them. There are many many sincere people that are doing that and to tell them they are wrong and don't know God is a sin.

    I hope you find Gods' truth according to him and only him. Not according to an organisation that is more interested in publishing it's books than it's people. You see they don't know what you need Derrick - they don't know your personal spiritual needs - Jehovah your father does, truly seek him and he will let you find him.

  • Terry

    I think there is no reason to be inhospitable to people who disagree with you and if JWD is inhospitable to Jehovah's Witnesses we splatter mud on our banner & serve little purpose except to titillate ourselves.

    We should never find ourselves guilty of the same close-mindedness that strangled our own interest in knowing and serving a higher power. I'd wager not one of us would have left the Watchtower Society had they demonstrated even a small measure of actual loving concern for us as people instead of manhandling us as though we were radioactive contagion.

    Humanity is a fragile lifeform. Belief, more delicate still. None of us escapes this life alive and the measure of cunning we bring to bear on struggling with that issue often leads us far afield. Some of us seek a promise from god, others shake their fists at the sky and plunge into hedonistic madness. Others of us set fire to the kindling of our own minds and use the light from the flames to grope our way through the darkness.

    But, none of us should ever think we KNOW anything. We are questioners; not petty gods. We seek more than we ever find.

    Thanks for coming here DeFd. Your mind is alive! Keep it that way. Where questions and questioners are allowed to flourish some measure of sunlight will penetrate the fog and life becomes bearable.


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