What really happens to people when they die?

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  • joelbear

    death is the end of the road. its important to acknowledge that so that you value life and live

    each day as happily as you can.

  • Cygnus

    I'm inclined to agree with joel. Sometimes when I dream I try to realize I'm dreaming and manipulate the dreams. Sometimes it works. How can I do that if I'm "unconcious"? I also experience sleep paralysis sometimes and that is no fun, trust me.

  • Sirona

    Hang on, Joel.

    Just because I believe in the after life and reincarnation doesn't mean that I don't truly appreciate each moment. I was faced with a possibly fatal illness, and now that is a powerful reminder of making the best use of time.


  • prophesariah

    How do you explain the claims of those who have flatlined and view, from an aerial position, thier physical selves & the doctors working on them? They then find themselves returning to the body. Was that spirit? consciousness? energy? an out of body experience? astral planing?

    What about others that, considered dead for a time, speak of a white light they are drawn to & seeing spirits/images of dead relatives? Some speak of an individual, that is notably exuding of great power/energy, that plays out thier life before them as if a recorded movie. Then somewhere along the line they are told it is not yet thier time. There's more they need to do. They return to thier physical existence, as well. They also change their lives/lifestyle.

    People with serious illnesses have seen spirits /images of dead relatives, neighbors, friends. People as they are nearing death see deceased folk, also. Are these just hallucinations or are we guided/escorted into the realm of death? Besides those who have a "sixth sense", are we only consciously aware of the presence of spirits when our physical bodies are breaking down or weakened in some form or fashion?

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