What really happens to people when they die?

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  • ButtLight

    Psalms 146:5

    His spirit goes out, he goes back to his ground. In that day his thoughts do perish.

    Ok, it doesnt say his spirits thoughts perish, just his! Where does his spirit go?

  • trevor

    Defd - you ask:
    Did you look for spiritistic items that you may unknowing have in your house?

    You have been advised that apostate sites such as this are ‘demon inspired’ and using them can attract the demons to you. How can you ignore such advise from the ‘Faithful & Discreet Slave,’ and yet advice others to be careful of ‘spiritistic items?’ .

  • jaffacake
    You well know what that the BIBLE says about the dead. You ought to know what the bible says happens to us when we die


    Yeah, nothing like what JWs teach.

    BTW demons? demons? have you really studied the Bible properly?

    What principles of interpretation did you apply? Please don't say you trusted the FDS. You've had time by now to read all they have ever taught, and you will surely have found that there is unlikely to be another religion in the world who can be proved so very bad at Biblical understanding and interpretation.

    The evidence is in your own publications that more than 90% of what you once taught is now accepted as false or pagan teaching by your own Governing Body. Do you think I'm making this up? Have you checked this out for yourself? If it is not true, why are you afraid to look - authenticity can easily be checked.

  • Sirona

    Ok so here is my opinion.

    The body dies, the soul, or spirit, lives on. I've seen them, they exist.


  • funkyderek


    The body dies, the soul, or spirit, lives on. I've seen them, they exist.

    Does this apply to all animals, or just humans?

  • hillbilly

    From first hand experience...the dead smell bad and draw flies after a couple of days.......


  • jgnat

    LOL hill. I watched our beloved cat die. He went peacefully with an overdose of morphine. Life leaves quickly. As my daughter stroked his dead body, his life's fluids started leaking out. Yuk. Such a difference between vital, living breathing glowing life. And a sack of fluids and chemicals.

    JH, my pastor always referred to verses 1 Samuel 28:8-24. Spiritists and witches were banned by Samuel. I bet the JW's have to do some semantic "literal" and "figurative" wrangling to explain away the vision that Samuel had.

  • Cygnus

    If humans do live on as spirits after death, why do they fuck with us? What prevents them from giving good and accurate communication?

  • tetrapod.sapien
    Why should it be any different for us?

    because humanoids are special. you see? it's so obvious. we may share 99% of our genome with apes, but we are special. when we die, we have spirits that continue on?

    why is this? in the face of the facts? from what we observe, and can test, we die and that's it. but THAT is too scary for most, even if only subconsciously. i would like to think that we continue on, but i really think it is rather silly to.


  • doogie

    since our bodies are made up of so much water and, because of the water cycle, all water is connected we will be far more than just WORM food after we die. i've read that with every glass of water you drink you are very likely to take in molecules that have passed through or been a part of plato, aristotle, hitler...you name 'em.

    it's not just soylent green that's made of people.

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