high gas prices? bah!

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  • nilfun


    And they give something back for the garden.

  • Sunspot

    Hubby went and gassed up before heading out to work this morning and he said it was up to $2.45 a gallon here in upstate NY. He muttered something about the heating fuel bill that we can expect this coming winter.......


  • Abaddon

    I converted it but missed the dollar sign; $4.55 a US gallon (Imperial gallon is 4.5 litres, US gallon is 3.7 litres)

    I drive 21 miles each-way to work. But having stayed in the US for up to a month at a time, and to have driven from Kansas, through the Okjlahoma and Texas Pam handles into New Mexico and then Arizona, to see the Grand Canyon, and then drive up through Utah and Colorado, I know how amazingly big and beautiful America is. Holland shares the flatness of much of the route I've described, but utterly lacks the mounainous bits - the highest bit is less then 800ft. And it is all green and temperate, not something that can be said of that route!

    I've driven from a blizzard to dry hot plains in half a day. You guys are lucky.

  • AllAlongTheWatchtower

    While it is correct that a 3 cent difference is only a bit more than a dollar when you fill your tank over last week, it seems that it goes up 3 cents EVERY week. I still remember before the whole Iraq thing that gas was about $1 a gallon around here, over the past 3 years or so, its gone to about $2.35 in my area. That's a 135% increase. So no, that extra $1.20 doesn't kill me. But the fact that filling my 14 gallon tank has gone from costing $14 to 30 or more does HURT. I fill up about once in a two week period. So, 26 times a year. 14 X 26 = $364 vs 33 X 26 = $760, for a difference of nearly $400. My rent is $471, so there just went a significant portion of a month's rent.

    And yeah, I'm one of those guys who will get gas at the cheapest gas station he can find, just on principle. It drives me nuts when I drive by a corner where there's 2 or more gas stations in competition, and the one that's a nickel higher is doing just as much business as the other two. A lot of people I know think that different companies have different gas, and that some gas is better. I always tell them that I used to work at a gas station, and out of curiosity asked the tanktruck driver if that was so. He told me that he has buddies that work for other companies, and they all drive in to the same place and shoot the sh*t while waiting to fill up before making their deliveries to individual gas stations. The only exception is Amoco ultimate gas which is actually clear, and is kept in seperate tanks. (And possibly Shell premium gas as well, they advertise that it has more detergents in it than other gas, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't risk a lawsuit by lying about that.)

    The way I figure, if you don't buy the cheapest gas possible, you just encourage them to keep on gouging people because it doesn't lose them any business. Its like enabling behavior in dysfunctional relationships.

  • Elsewhere
    I live in Holland. We pay c. $4.55 a US gallon.

    The only reason it costs so much more is because the government there has tacked on a huge gas tax. If it wasn't for that tax the fuel would cost about the same as it does in the US.

  • doogie
    Gas prices ARE high. A couple years ago I could fill my tank on $15. That's from E to F. Do you know how much I pay now?

    At least 31 bucks every single week, and I own a coupe. That's an increase of $64 per month that could be used to pay my cable or credit card bill.

    my thing is that at least where i live, apartment rates are going up. cable is going up. beer at the astros game is going up. i look at it this way: the beer at the astros games is 7.50 for 12 oz in the park; you can get a case for the same price right outside. the park is gouging because they know that us alky's will pay whatever they say we will. the same goes for gasoline. we'll pay because we need it. however, if we compare the price of the gas *in the park* (the US) to right *outside the park* (the rest of the world)...it's STILL a whole heck of a lot cheaper to buy it in the park! we are not entitled to cheap gas just because that's what we're used to!

    i know, i hate spending 30 bucks at the pump too, but in comparison to the amount that i spend every month on beer at baseball games, it's a drop in the bucket.

  • katiekitten

    What ARE you talking about??

    It cost me $20 to fill up my dads car in the US. It costs me 50 UK pounds to fill up my car in the UK. (at an exchange rate of $1.70 to the pound thats $85 to fil up my car) Our cars are about the same size.

    I told the lady in the gas station the difference in price, and she said "Oh we just wouldnt stand for that'. I wanted to say "What would you do fat girl? WALK??"

    So I spend $85 per week on gas. I have a 26 mile round trip journey to work, plus some other bits of running around. I have to factor in gas as a cost consideration now when I go anywhere - I can afford the event, but can I afford the gas ontop to get there.

    COME ON PEOPLE $20 compared to $85!!!

  • jeeprube

    Man I bet the Brits are luaghing there ASSES off at us right now. I mean they pay close to 5 BUCKS a gallon for gas over there. My wife and I went to England for vacation 4 years ago. We spent as much on petrol as we did on plane tickets! I feel for all you people driving anything with a V-8 out there! Especially the HUMMER crowd, shoulda bought a JEEP.

  • shera

    $1.07,something to complaine about in my eyes,compared to a few yrs ago, .55 to .65

    Oh well,life goes on.

  • katiekitten

    Yes but everything goes up. Its called inflation.

    I think the only reason people in America drive such huge vehicles is because the gas is so cheap. If gas was expensive in reality itwould show in the vehicles being bought and used on the road - there would be no SUV's and trucks and hummers, except for work vehicles.

    When gas is objectively expensive it will show in your car industry.

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