Santa Klause- True or False?

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  • vitty

    There was a poster here who said her husband believed in Santa and fairies and a load of other strange things. She was wondering if anyone else believed in those things. I cant remember who it was but she wasnt a new poster, so I thought she it was a genuine topic, even though it was strange!

  • Sirona

    There are those who believe that certain "images" and lets call them "archetypes" exist on the astral plane. Then, given enough energy etc. they can materialise to be in physical form. The astral archetypes are created from thought-forms. So many children and adults think about Santa around christmas time, giving weight to the "image" and in some way or another making him "exist" even if not in a physical body.

    That is what some people believe in anyway


  • mrsjones5

    as a jw kid I always wished that it was true

  • trevor

    I believe that Santa Claus and Jesus and the father are one. This is the mystery that was hidden from the Jews because they don’t celebrate Christmas. The trinity is complete at last. (I do hope I not treading on any little toes!)

    Santa is sent forth every year at Christmas to demonstrate how wonderful the world is now that Christ has been born. He is the active force that we were promised would be sent to help us.

    He brings presents to children because theirs is the kingdom of God.

    Do try and keep up!


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