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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff
    What is morality? What is GOOD? I won't lie, this is a confusing time of life for me. I read all I can. I love good conversation and that isn't easy to come by. I feel like my mind has been starved for so long that it craves nourishment. It is my obligation in this second half of life to feed it and to feed it well. I hate empty words. This "dangerous" site is just one of the places I go for a full meal!

    Welcome Peggy!

    I have felt, and still feel to some degree, that confusion. It can be a dangerous time in some ways for some people. Once we understand that we have been feeding on garbage that is slanted to convince us [can you say brainwash] of one single thought - that the Watchtower organization is and continues to be God's sole mouthpiece - our mind wishes to absorb new and tantalizing ideas, thoughts, and direction. Some of what I have allowed to infuence me, both here, and mostly from other sources, has not been positive to my new direction in life. Seems like knowing that new direction is the most challanging part of all. I sometimes feel like a hamster on a wheel.

    In some ways I suppose it is like being born again - a fresh mind to use in all new directions - I have found it stimulating and terrifying at the same time. This forum has been a Godsend to me. The first time in my life I have been among a group who mostly share my background, but who have diverse opinion. It is nice to shed the conformity of the Watchtower cell we shared, isn't it?

    Hope to see you often here.


  • Hellrider
    Hellrider - thats an excellent summary of precisely what happened to me. ; I'm very thankful ;I ;didn't end up a junkie or a prostitute although sometiems the I've had but narrow escapes. I still have problems, but something held me back from going to the ultimate extreme. Maybe I had some self respect in there somewhere.

    Crumpet: Yes, I was a bit "out there" too, for a while, in my early twenties. Alcohol and pot was my great joy in life. I used to drink a lot, but as I got older, I got tired of being hung over all the time. I never went to the ultimate extreme either, I never tried any of the hard drugs. Thank God.

  • upside/down

    "Danger?....hahahaha....I laugh at "danger" "- Lion King.

    u/d(of the flirts with danger occasionally class)

  • LongHairGal

    Does anybody remember the scripture: "The man of thinking abilities will be hated"?

    This scripture applies to us here. We are hated because of our thinking abilities. Not that we never had them - they were just suppressed. Not any more!

  • LongHairGal


    I particularly loved your phrase "...coven of cowardly crazies who condone putting the health of a child on the bottom rung....watching them die faithful". This makes them sound SOO evil! It almost conjures up pictures of people in ancient times who actually put their children into the fire to appease the god baal. It is a similar mentality.

    I also liked your phrase "circus of freaks". I could almost forgive them if they were loving freaks but they are not.

  • trevor

    Peggy you say:

    The dangerous part is that while I am not active in FS and haven't been for three years, I do still make some of the meetings. Problem is I listen different. I hear the circular reasoning. I see the hypocrisy. Often I hear out right lies.

    Most people here view Kingdom Halls as dangerous places for the reasons you have given. I’m wondering if continuing to attend is not helping you. Perhaps having a foot in both camps is doing you more harm than you realize and contributing to the anger, confusion and depression that you have spoken of suffering from, in other posts.

    Unresolved conflict is the chief cause of the feelings you have expressed. Healing only starts once when we move beyond the cause of our problems.

  • LongHairGal


    I forgot to welcome you to the board. So, welcome!

    You will learn many things here. Some you will have already thought of and it will just confirm that you are not the only one with these thoughts. As with myself, there are a few new things I learned here. Most I had already suspected.

    But in all seriousness, that place is more dangerous for your mental health and well-being. (This is only a message board). That place is a place where people CAN and WILL overstep their boundaries with you. In fact, they don't acknowledge that there are any boundaries - especially if you a woman. So, watch out! You are encouraged to let your guard down because you are led to believe that you are surrounded by "brothers" and "sisters" who have YOUR best interest in mind. Not so. And I haven't even mentioned doctrinal issues!

    I hope you enjoy the board!

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