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  • pepheuga

    oh indeed i did, and as you say, you are clearly thinking very freely, no doubt at all about that. it's just that it takes a while for many of us (myself included) to reset the moral compass, and the old disposition reveals itself from cavernous depths from time to time.


  • peggy

    Pep------You have intrigued me! Please say more!

  • lilybird

    Hi peggy, welcome to the forum. Its true that this forum really opens your eyes to the hypocrisy of the org. MY husband and I both DA'D ourselves about 20 years ago, but we are amazed by what we have learned about the org and the GB on this forum.Things that someone would have a difficult time finding out about otherwise. There are so many helpful and knowlegeable ppl on here who put a lot of time and effort into the info they post here. ....I love the humorous posters too.... I read and laugh over many posts on here.

  • Joyzabel

    *interesting how this thread is in the "Bible" topic!


    btw, welcome and enjoy the rest of your awakening life.

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog

    Be afraid, very afraid.

  • mrsjones5

    Yep this is a dangerous place and I like it too!


  • zulukai

    Welcome Peggy. Glad to see you are able to listen at the meetings and get what's REALLY going on. Once that happens there's really no going back. Some posters here have done incredible amounts of research on the WTBTS, some were in the org. for decades and offer much by way of stories and life experience of the dirty little secrets this false religion has swept under the carpet.
    Others,ie a couple of JWs opposed to the purpose of this site offer little but a tiresome litany of shopworn WTBTS phrases, catchwords, knee-jerk responses, pathetically impotent knuckle-rapping and/or pronouncements of divine judgement......... AND comic relief!
    Glad you found us. Let's hear from you often!

  • Alwayshere

    A dangerous place for the Watchtower Society because it gets exposed for what it is. A cult.

  • lonelysheep
    they don't warn about the internet for nothing!

    So true. They don't want you to learn anything from outside sources unless it comes through their literature. Coming here or anywhere non wts sponsored could easily cause a person to think critically. This may cause someone to become woken up weakened in their faith (faith in what, though).

  • pepheuga


    i guess i mean that, at least for someone who has grow up in that religion, leaving it is not just a matter of believing in jehovah one day and then not doing so the next. suddenly everything i ever based a decision on had disappeared, and all my judgement faculties were newly biddable. it was elating, embarrasing, upsetting, confusing and a whole set of other things besides. suddenly, being gay is ok. well, what about being a liar or a thief then? sure, those things feel wrong but where do i turn for instruction or guidance? the law? universities? the media? all of these things, i was told, were evil and corrupting. now i'm told to believe they're repositories of wisdom!

    anyway, a mindset goes deeper than just morality, it extends as far as perception too (of course!) and finding words to correspond with those perceptions. and when something very pertinant and pungent such as this site comes into the life of joe or jill dub, and in that dub's mind slips it off the hill called "apostacy", it doesn't find anywhere to sit happily, as it challenges every assumption the dub had been coerced for twenty years into making.

    it's when a thing falls in between the cracks that a mindset can easily reveal itself. one gropes for the "right" description, which one would wish to be a thing agreeing with the bald truth of matters, but which causes the searcher often to fall back on the well worn, easily available tramlines of dub morality. a thing that one knows not to be mad or bad can still be thought dangerous. yes, i know, you were wearing a uniform called irony, but isn't the case with irony that when it bites, it bites because it's true; and that the strength of its bite is greatly increased the deeper it goes in order to sink its teeth in.

    i just thought that you had chosen that word ("dangerous") because the fresh memory of your earlier encounters with this site still conjoured up some sentiment of residual resonance of discomfort or guilt. that is the mindset i was talking about. it is the one i had, and if i "mapped" it onto your brain in error, i apologise.


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