What Happened?

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  • jgnat

    That sort of passive non-action is exactly the problem with "those people" and you too hibiscus. As soon as we our world as a big television screen rather than living, breathing human beings, we have abandoned some of our humanity. You have seen what is wrong with the world, hibiscus, and you are part of it.

    Damselfly said it perfectly,

    Be the good samartian, don't wonder where they are.
  • SixofNine

    This woman may have been someone in an unusual crisis, or it might be a person with mental issues for whom crisis is the norm.

    One thing is for sure though, Hibiscus is, while functional enough to take taxi's and converse on the internet, quite insane.

    Get help Hibiscus.

  • ButtLight
    Sometimes the police would victimise the person who called for help. They are stupid police!

    Geeze where do you live? Thats terrible! I would probably went over to stay with her till the ambulance got there, especially if no one else was helping her.

  • hibiscusfire


    Take this as a life lesson. Don't beat yourself up over it. Next time, you will know that you need to do something.



    Thank you ...I will. ..that means a lot to me. I really don't have much faith in the police now. The whole country doesn't either because a lot of them are involved in crime now. It's sad. I wished I could have gone up to her but I wasn't brave enough to do that.


  • hibiscusfire

    Was there anything that happened that you just choose not to get involved because of the outcome later on?

    I do help people you know but that was too much for me.

    I helped someone who got in a fight when an iron rod when through the person's mouth.


  • damselfly

    Hib~ I'm sure that it was a scary situation for you to be in. Imagine if that woman on the ground was you and you needed help but people just got in their buses and taxis and drove away?

    As a society we get used to images of violence and suffering and often think that someone else will take care of things. It's a bad attitude to have.

    Here is a true story for you. Two weeks age while I was at work I saw a man fall over backwards to the floor in a seizure. I immediately got my receptionist to call an ambulance and to call upstairs for anyone with first aid training.I have first aid training but it never hurts to have someone else on scene who does as well. I went to the man who was seizing and made sure that nothing was in the area to hurt him. We made sure his necklace wasn't choking him and repeatedly told him that we were there to help him and an ambulance was on it's way. He was fine afterwards and declined the ambulance so we covered him with a blanket and got a pillow for his head while he recovered. His friend was with him and aware of his medical condition so once I knew he was in good hands I left. Even if you don't know first aid yourself you can get someone who does on the scene quickly.

    Please try this approach next time if you are ever in this situation again.


  • damselfly
    Was there anything that happened that you just choose not to get involved because of the outcome later on?


    Perhaps in some situations I could have helped more if I had taken a different approach. I always help when I can and if I can't I find someone who will.


  • funkyderek
    I thought the man who was helping her could have done more. I don't know!

    Well hib, to be frank, he did more than you.

    How could a whole crowd of people leave a woman like that without helping her, including a woman who claims to be a Christian? Well, ironically, the victim would have been more likely to get help had there been fewer people around. Because there are so many people around, the responsibility on each person is diluted. Helping someone like that carries a certain amount of risk, or at least inconvenience. When there are so many other people around, we tend to think that some of them will be in a much better position to help than we are. Of course, when everyone thinks like that we see situations like the above, where nobody helps.

    hibiscusfire, if there is any saving grace to fundamentalist Christianity, it is that its adherents try to be like Christ, helping the poor, the sick and the needy. You did not do that. You preach endlessly about following the Ten Commandments. What about Jesus' commandment: "Love your neighbour as yourself"? Did you do that, hib? If that was a test from God, do you think you passed?

  • LittleToe

    ...especially if that were an opportunity to "entertain angels unawares", "giving even the least of these my brothers a cup of water".

    Next time, at least remember that a phone call costs little. If you do the right thing and the emergancy services don't do their job, then that's their responsibility. Until you've alerted them you have a community responsibility to at least make the call.

  • hibiscusfire


    How could a whole crowd of people leave a woman like that without helping her, including a woman who claims to be a Christian?

    Hey don't bash me so much please...you don't know how I really felt ok. There were vendors and many other people there besides the 2 men dragged her next to the vendor's stall. It was the first time I experienced that!

    Just because people are Christians doesn't mean they are not human.

    I was angry and upset ok!!!!!

    Look there were many occasions I helped people funky

    Another example was the man who fell off his bicycle...as little as I was I ran and helped him up and the other person picked up his bicycle...I'm not heartless ok. Did you ever consider if I was heartless I wouldn't have even bothered to think about it still. No it's not a guilty conscience it's one of feeling hopeless in the place I live. People have changed where I live ok....look at the dang police!!!

    A police officer admitted to someone that when people call the station for help they say that they will come...but he said they prefer to go after everything is finished so they wouldn't get hurt in the process!!!!!


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