Wouldnt you just love to............

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  • ButtLight
    BTW - thats really my picture.

    Mine too, but I guess my face looks like a butt?

  • JH

    This is a butt face


  • not the administrator
    not the administrator

    defed your a dick man. if your a jw like you say then your really doing alot more harm for them than helping them here. since your like one of the only ones claiming their faith as a jw then all the new people and the interested ones are going to judge the jws by you and and responses. in my opinion your a dick and an asshole and you should try to be nice to people to show how loving the witness pretend to be

  • damselfly

    Buttlight, I love your new avator, you're very pretty.

    de'fd reminds me of a converstion I once had with my then 4 year old brother. Me~ why don't you want to eat your peas? Him ~ you know what's funny? A BUTT head!!!!! cue the 4 year old giggle fest.


  • Gretchen956

    Well I'm not an exhibitionist, but I would love to see this:

    A bunch of us get together (the more the better, say 50 or more) and go to the assembly together. Just file in with the rank and file and spread out throughout, best if in the bleachers. At some predetermined time, everyone stands up and throws off their outer shirt to reveal colorful
    t-shirts emblazoned with something about silent lambs or the UN, or whatever else. This along with some yelling, etc. With enough people their pitiful little security couldn't get everyone out before a major commotion.


    Ok thats all I have to say!


  • Sassy

    Buttlight, you are beautiful... dont' pay heed to the blind one..

    as for me.. I have no interest in doing anything to a JW, or to a hall..

    there are people just like us still there who hopefully one day will see the light as we did.. but pulling a prank on them would only just give them more fear as the WTS tells them how awful we are.. when we leave 'the truth"

    besides.. my need to do anything about them would give them power over me still...

    which they don't

  • tijkmo
    This along with some yelling, etc.

    gretchens idea is an interesting one...but the yelling would not work...the security are within their rights to remove those disturbing the peace (or at least ask the police to do so) and no one would pay any attention because everyone would think it was just a bunch of apostate nutters...

    far better just to sit (stand up for the songs)...all day...silently..bacause they would not be able to remove you..

    and no one would be able to take their eyes off...and the message re the un and the child abuse would be imprinted on their minds

  • ButtLight

    Ok, Defd sent me this pm, and said it was ok to post it for everyone to read!

    I meant to send a message with the last one. The reason why I am pm you is that i reached my limit of posts. I would have done this over the board but i cant till tomarrow, when i get more posts to my credit. Disfellowshipped or not i had no reason to dog you like that. Everyone is right, it is not very matur or Christian like. In my defence I would like to say that your topic upset me. You may not believe anymore but I do. When you started talking about the hall and the bad things you would do and getting everyone else hyped up about it, I felt personally attacked. So out of anger and to change the posts topic I threw in an insult. I do apologize and if youd like you can post this on the DB for everyone to read just as stillajwexelder did. That would be great, seeing that i cant post till tomarrow.


  • JH
    i had no reason to dog you like that. Everyone is right, it is not very matur or Christian like.

    That's nice defd.

    And I apologize for calling you an asshole.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once


    I find it much more subversive to comment on Jesus' undeserved kindness every time the WT has a paragraph on the importance of turning in field service or how we are saved by an association with an organization. It stirs up the elders in ways you have never seen. They sense the bullet coming from behind but cannot attack the source as it would be seen as a denial of the truth that Christ's sacrifice is pivitol to our salvation. It's almost like farting only productive and not wet.


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