Wouldnt you just love to............

by ButtLight 55 Replies latest jw friends

  • BrendaCloutier

    I still think defd will make a great ex-JW. He just needs to find his funnybone.

  • ButtLight

    Heck no! I dont let people like "that" get to me! Its obvious he needs a life outside of the jw's, so I feel sorry for him. People who have to cut others to get noticed? Just a waist of my time!

    Im thirsty can someone pass me a budlight please?

  • JH

    Go to the gas station

  • Dimples

    (((((((Buttlight))))))...here you go. I am glad you don't let people get to you, they are not worth it.


  • stillajwexelder

    well defd - having met buttlight in person - I can add to your characteristics - YOU HAVE NO TASTE IN WOMEN - buttlight is lovely

  • ButtLight

    thanks stilla, and right back at ya!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HappyDad

    Hey defd,

    Just want to let you know that this old saurkraut, baked beans and kolbasi eater just passed a nice wet fart in your face.

    Anyhow........your posts really let us know the JW style of Christian love.......which is nonexistant love!

    Times like these I wish I were a mod. Defd would be terminated for violating the rules of this forum.

    HappyDad of the ex JW elder, convention speaking, very Brooklyn savy, and who is now free of the oppressive, can't think or reason for yourself cult mentality class.

    Enjoy your next meeting defd!

  • ButtLight

    Ha Ha, thanks Happy Dad! Its amazing how the love of Jw's just flows!

  • misanthropic

    defd's reply shows how ugly he is on the inside. why else would someone say something so far from the truth about BL unless they were a shell of a person. How sad.

  • katiekitten
    Correctly put! I honestly do not think ANYONE here would have the COURAGE to do such things at the meeting. If they have to digitally remove there heads from photos, it is safe to assume the latter

    Oh Dfed, were only having a little joke. Lighten up. I wouldnt do it for real because I respect all people, and I respect their social conventions. Same as I wouldnt go into a temple or a cathedral and belch really loud (no I dont belch, its just a hypothetical )

    I wonder why you are still on this site when its clearly full of people who dont agree with your beliefs. Now, Id NEVER go onto a Conservative Party discussion board, because I cant stand the Conservative Party, and I know whatever I said I would never change their minds about anything.

    Im not saying go away, but, for your own peace of mind and personal harmony find a group of peole you have things in common with. It will make life pleasureable and your dicsussions enjoyable, not adversarial. Just a thought.

    BTW - thats really my picture. I know its hard to believe, because you were probably thinking no-one could be that gorgeous!! LOL I can see why you thought id put a models picture up, or something! ROFL! But its REALLY ME!!! I was in Batley Congregation West Yorkshire England 1973 - 1987, Portswood Cong, Southampton, Eng 1987 - 1990, and Kingsholm Cong Gloucestershire Eng 1990 - 2000. My maiden name is Hartley. Im 35. Main bigwigs to dob me into if you want to are Glos: Mike Young; Portswood: Roy Hazel; Batley: Michael Blackburn. Sorry I dont have their addresses but I can get you their phone numbers if you want them.

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