Sep 15th WT: Christians spend weekends enjoying recreation and not service

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  • sweet tee
    sweet tee

    Great news! Keep it up you Gutless Boobies, the more you tighten your grip the more witnoids will come to their senses and forsake the sh*t sessions altogether. Not to mention the youths who are already totally fed up with your dribble, and think their parents are NUTS for following this cult. Believe me, they're just biding their time (like dune ) escape is inevitable.

  • anewme

    Wow, this was a good subject especially now with summer in full swing and coming to a close soon.
    It made me so sad to remember the pain in my heart of having to choose Jehovah over having a life.
    Gratefully I had no children that I dragged out in service with us.
    My husband was so oblivious to my needs. If we had children he would have badgered them to soldier on too.

    But I feel sorry for the family I left still serving Jehovah. We were all suffering and stuck.
    There were 15 children and I was their loving aunt anewme.

    But I have no contact with any of them now and so cannot help them.

    In their minds they believe I am dead.

    I'm not dead! I just went to beautiful Monterey and Carmel on Saturday------GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
    I sat on the white sand and fed funny seagulls. Then walked through the cozy town of Carmel Shops. It was cool and a bit foggy. I like that. I love the coast.....very spiritually uplifting.
    My new husband and I were so happy we found ourselves greeting other couples we passed.
    What a nice weekend! Thankyou Universe!!

  • Leolaia

    Who in Baal confide,

    And in Baal's precious semen,

    In storms and hurricanes abide

    Firm as the mount of Zaphon.

    Steadfast, and fixed, and sure,

    Baal's throne cannot move;

    His faithful people stand secure

    In Asherah's guardian love.

    As 'round Tyre

    The hilly bulwarks rise,

    So El protects and covers them

    From all their enemies.

    On ev'ry side he stands,

    And for his Canaan he cares;

    And safe in his almighty hands

    His people he forever bears.


  • jgnat

    I found out there's a name for our need for green time. It's called the Biophilia Hypothesis. This is another one of those times where the WTBTS shows it's roots in the industrial age, where members are merely cogs in the industrial wheel. Even the Isrealites had scheduled holidays and breaks. Not for JW's. They're more "spiritual".

  • Pistoff

    YEP>...........................I have BAALED out on the meetings too!!

  • bebu

    Baal-like... balalaika?


  • stevenyc

    How long before they realise that over a third of their sales' staff time is waisted asleep.


  • Brother Beyond
    Brother Beyond

    As I recall; spiritual activity was the cure all for everything ranging from depression to family problems, and even some physical disorders.

    So what ever you do this weekend, get out on the service, it will do you the power of good, and besides all this, as we were once told in a service meeting item, if you spend 2 or 3 hours on the service on Saturdays, you are sure to get more done around the home than if you stayed at home!!

    Crazy eh?


  • Finally-Free

    It's all about control. So what happens when someone decides to go out in serviceā„¢ instead of some recreation? Does they actually accomplish anything? Does they go about the work urgently? Or do they settle into their "pioneer stroll"? I can't count the number of times I was told to "slow down" when going from house to house. I bet I could crawl faster than most of those pioneers walk.

    Then, SUDDENLY, at 11:00 AM the work reaches a fever pitch! Everyone's picking up the pace! What is it? An interested person??? Persecution??? Armageddon??? NO!!! It's a sudden, renewed zeal for Jehover Tim Hortons!!!

    Break time is the most important time in serviceā„¢ - that's when they're all seen by the elders.


  • 95stormfront
    as we were once told in a service meeting item, if you spend 2 or 3 hours on the service on Saturdays, you are sure to get more done around the home than if you stayed at home!!

    OMFG......did we as working drones actually fall for this sh*t. From the outside looking in I can't believe people actually fall for this nonsense.

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