Sep 15th WT: Christians spend weekends enjoying recreation and not service

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Holy guilt-trippers, Batman!


  • EvilForce

    Well it obvious who the slacker family is they own a 2 door Jeep after all. Everyone knows 4 door SUV's are de rigour.

  • blondie

    When I visited Bethel over the years and when I lived close enough to have many Bethelites in my congregation, it was illuminating.

    Brothers are scheduled to work 3 Saturdays out of 4, 2 when they reach 50; sisters get off lightly with working 2 (?) until they are 30 and 1 until they are 40 when they get all of them off (correct me, my memory is not as good as it could be). I was told it was to cut down on the recreation on the weekends. It seems that carloads of young brothers were driving as far as Chicago from NYC to attend "parties" and driving back. There were a couple of accidents putting Bethele workers out of commission for a while at the WTS expense. Can anyone confirm this?

    I also know of congregations near popular recreation areas that combined all the book study groups at the KH on Saturday so only one elder had to meet. The rest went up to their cabins, went skiing, etc., etc.


  • undercover

    That picture made me want to

    Can you believe that the WTS is trying to make people feel guilty with that? Most people see an open top Jeep and think, "Hey, that looks like fun. Let's try that sometime." But the WTS wants JWs to see that picture and say, "Seeking pleasure is wrong; we should be out preaching on the weekends".

    At first I saw that picture and figured that the family in the Jeep were neighbors, but to tie it to the article better, I think they meant for the people in the Jeep to be JWs who decided to go off and have fun, while the zealous JW parents kept a stiff back and ignored them(read: shun) for not going out in service on that sunny Saturday morning (the kids hadn't been indoctrinated enough to know how to shun yet. They still had human kindness and happiness to express). A very sly and underhanded method of making the followers feel guilty for having fun and to keep them busy in cult activities.

  • truthseeker

    Maybe time for a poll?

    If you are "active", how do the brothers and sisters spend their weekends? Are there many that go away repeatedly, or just a few times.

    In our hall, attendance is very low on Saturdays, and all book study groups meet at the hall.

    Summer doesn't last forever, it's better to make the most of it, especially if you live where the winter is long.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Is it me, or are the only people smiling the ones in the jeep?

  • JustTickledPink
    Where do they get their enjoyment; from a weekend away from

    Christian activities with their brothers or with the brothers in

    theocratic activities?

    I think it's sentences like this that get a lot of people feeling guilty and wondering WHY don't I have such a good time engaging in "theocratic activities" what is wrong with me that I like a road trip or a weekend getaway rather than the meetings?

    They continue to pound it into people that they should ENJOY theocratic activities, such as field service and meetings, MORE than recreation. It makes no sense.

    Even God rested on the 7th. Everyone needs rest and relaxation, they should incorporate that into the doctrine not berate and send people yet another guilt trip for living a normal life.

  • Shania

    To answer Truthseeker, the Elders were always gone, no matter if it was winter, spring, summer, or fall, they always had some place to get away from it elder would always announce at the thursday night meeting where he and his family had been, by saying "We bring greetings back from what ever tropical Island he went too,'" nothing like rubbing your face in it.......suckers, you go out in service while I vacation and tell you when I get back by making a public announcement from the stage............any how, it took awhile to catch on and many started doing the need to get away from the crazy brotherhood for your sanity............

  • sir82

    Here's a little anecdote to illustrate the spirit that seems to reside in my congregation, which I think is fairly typical:

    Recently, the service overseer proposed a "pioneer day" on a Saturday, with meetings for service at 7:00 AM (!), 9:00 am & 12:30 pm.

    6 people showed up at 7.

    About 1/2 the congregation showed up at 9, but only about 1/2 of the elders, and about 1/2 of the pioneers.

    Arrangements were made to bring in lunch at 12:00 to the Kingdom Hall, with the idea that the brothers would eat at 12:00, then stick around to go out again at 12:30.

    The 40+ who were out in the morning all come back by 12:00 sharp to eat, but only 14 or so stayed for the 12:30 meeting. Apparently, the other 30+ had plans to go Baaling that afternoon.

    It wasn't that long ago, that a "pioneer day" would bring out 100% of the pioneers & elders, and a majority of the congregation, and a far larger number for the afternoon too.

  • IronGland

    Is there any other group in the world that is still concerned with ancient phoenician gods?

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